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Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 7)

Her First Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 7)

By Kat - 1 Review

Paint balling? That was what Tom had planned? Mindy knew that Tom was a purely athletic guy, and that he was obviously a good shot - but she sucked at shooting! She would most likely be cowering behind a wall, praying not to be found. Nervous jitters traveled thorough Mindy as she walked hand in hand to the paint-splattered building.
Mindy actually considered running, but she knew that Tom was faster - and he was a very good guy, she wouldn't just walk out on him. Swallowing down her fear, Mindy stepped through the door Tom held open for her. Smiling and nodding her thanks, Mindy continued into the lobby. There was a huge glass wall in the lobby, displaying the current paint war.
"You okay?" Tom asked.
Mindy nodded. "Haven't played for a while, that's all,"
And it was true. Her brother and her used to go paint balling every weekend when they were younger - but she practically forgot everything. And it was always with a big group, she had people guarding her back. She was usually the only girl playing, and the boys on her team usually put it up to them to protect her. She used to hate it, but right now she wished someone would be on her team.
Mentally gathering her courage, Mindy strapped on the vest, pants, and mask the guy at the desk handed her. Tom did the same, as well as a group of six teenager boys did, who had come in a moment later.
"How are you going to split the teams?" The guy at the front asked.
One of the boys shouldered up to Tom and Mindy. "You two good shots?"
"I've played," Mindy answered, more confidant than she felt.
Tom nodded, and the boy motioned to one of his friends. They were now a team, apparently, and were handed green shoulder armor. Tom helped Mindy hook hers onto her vest, and Mindy did the same for Tom. When she was handed her gun and was instructed on the safety button, Mindy felt a rush of adrenaline flowing through her. The feel of he cold metal soothed her, and she was ready to go out on the playing field.
After several minutes on warnings and instructions, the manager of the building let them through a glass door and into the paint-stained room. Tom stayed by Mindy's side, ushering her behind a cement wall. The walls were placed every few feet. And paint stained their surfaces. If they were ever washed, she didn't see any signs of it. Breathing deeply, Mindy crouched down behind the wall. The buzzer loudly screened in their ears, and the games begin.
Shots were fired and every angle. Tom crouched down next to Mindy and cocked his gun. Mindy did the same, the nervous jitters slowly disappearing. Drawing in a breath, she ain't one of the other players from behind the wall. Before the other player could notice - she had fired, sending a pink flare to his chest. Triumph flowed through her, all of her previous self consciousness is operating into the air.
Tom slapped her back in a congratulating way, almost sending Mindy flying off of her feet. Cleaning and his direction, Mindy turned. One of their players had just fallen, dramatically twitching and clawing at the red paint on his chest. There are other teammate yelled screamed the players name, letting off a bunch of fires at the other team. One of the twenty fires he had shot hit the enemy.
Now they were winning - in players - and had a minute-thirty on the clock. Tom was resting his gun on the top of the wall, aiming for one of the red-shouldered figures. Mindy aimed for the other, and almost synchronized, fired. A ringing sound filled the room as the people in the room noticed the ending of the game.
Mindy and Tom grinned at each other. "Hadn't played for a while?"
He almost laughed when he said it, his blue eyes shining - even from under he tinted face mask. Smiling back at him, Mindy answered, "Yup, nice shot!"
Tom grinned wider and shrugged, appearing embarrassed from the attention. Mindy walked toward the glass door, putting the safety back on her gun. As she walked, she felt Tom's eyes on her. Blushing slightly, she waited for the manager to open it, congratulating the winners with a smile.
"You have a nice shot," he admitted, smiling.
Mindy startled. "Thank you,"
She unstrapped the paintball outfit, making sure her own clothing stayed on in the process. Handing them to the guy, Mindy felt for the hair-tie she had undone from her shirt. When the gear was dropped off, Mindy retired the hair band and looked for Tom. He had already taken off his armor and was waiting for Mindy at the front door. Smiling, she made her way to him.
"We have to do that again sometime," Mindy grinned.
Tom nodded, then added jokingly, "I just have to make sure I'm on your team,"
Mindy blushed and took his offered hand, letting Tom lead her back to his car.
When they had pulled up to her apartment building, Mindy smiled at Tom again. She found herself doing that a lot around Tom, and was happy that she finally had a reason to show her joy. Tom grinned back and opened his door. Mindy waited for Tom to open her door, and when she did she had worked up something to say. She was never good with starting conversations.
"I had a ton of fun," she said. "When I agreed to go out with a cop I never expected this,"
Tom grinned sheepishly. "People don't usually see my fun side,"
"Well, I like it," Mindy stated, pulling herself out of the car.
Tom walked her to her apartment, stopping in the doorway. "Thanks for coming,"
Mindy turned to him after hanging her key by the door. "It was my pleasure," she said, stepping cautiously closer.
Tom's eyes met hers, and his nervousness showed through them. He stepped closer as well, leaving just inches apart from them. Mindy wanted badly to close the gap, but knew that would be moving too fast. Desperate to make the move less embarrassing, she hugged Tom, circling her arms around his waist.
Tom hugged her back almost automatically, and Mindy felt warmth flooding through her. Smiling to herself, she pushed back.
"See you soon?" She asked.
Tom nodded, smiling again. "Where would you like to go?"
Grinning evilly, she responded, "That's for me to know and you to find out,"
Tom rolled his eyes. "Oh come on!" He complained.
Still grinning, Mindy stood on her tip-toes, kissing Tom's cheek softly. "Call me later, okay?"
Tom nodded, a smile spreading quickly on his lips. Backing away a few paces, he called over his shoulder, "Won't think of anything else!"
Blushing, Mindy closed her door, locking it behind Tom.

Author Notes: Did that explain Mindy and Tom well enough? I wanted to get into what they would be like together. Please, please, please review and comment! Should I continue?

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