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Her First Kiss; His First Love

Her First Kiss; His First Love

By Kat

Chapter one-

Mindy rushed around her apartment, trying to gather all of the supplies she would need for her next class - art. Art was so relaxing and understanding, it let her pour out her soul, but it always seemed to interrupt her sleep schedule.

Mindy had trouble sleeping since she was a little girl, afraid of the nightmares that came so often. The only thing that ever seemed to save her was the imaginary friend she had created in her mind long ago - that would chase away the bad guys, or break the ever-closing box, and even bring her clothes when she forgot to wear them on her first job interview.

Mindy pushed aside her thoughts as she finished packing a backpack of supplies and stuffed her lunch inside. She slipped on her tennishoes and stumbled out of her door, careful to close and lock it on the way out. She hurried to her car, unlocking it and ddumping everything inside.

Starting the ignition, Mindy did a mental check in her mind. She had everything she could think of bringing.... and she forgot breakfast - again. She had to stop doing this.

Sighing, Mindy backed out of her parking space and drove as fast as the speed limit would allow her to, trying to get to the campus as quick as possible.

She couldn't pay the rent to live closer to the campus, and there weren't any extra dorms, so she had to rent from an apartment building with a fifteen minute drive going as fast as lawfully possible.

Mindy didn't mind as much, though, the extra time let her wake up her brain and sort out the strange dreams she gets almost nightly.

Her doctor said that the dreams were from the emotional trauma that she had endured as a child, and that they would leave when she felt comfortable with her past. Mindy had no idea how to do that, so she settled for creating her own hero and controlling her nightmares when they got out of regularity.

Mindy checked her watch. She had ten minutes until class started, the drive would take six, and to walk across the campus would mean five. She wouldn't make it on time. Mindy pressed the gas pedal harder, hoping to beat the clock.

With all her luck, Mindy attracted the attention of a police officer. "No, no, no!"

Mindy screamed, frustratedly bouncing her head on the steering wheel. She had pulled over for the officer and was now waiting for him to come to the window. There was no way she would make it to class on time.

There was a knock on the window, and Mindy rolled it down, placing a pleasant smile on her lips and frantically trying to see the officer through the tinted windows.

"Ma'am do you know that you were going five miles over the speed limit, and that your driver and passenger windows are tinted to the point of not being able to see your side view mirrors?" The officer asked, pulling out a note pad and a pen.

Author Notes: Only the first part, not done, but please read and comment, I need editing tips! ❤️ U all! -KP

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21 Dec, 2016
Read Time
2 mins
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