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Her Fisrt Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 18)

Her Fisrt Kiss; His First Love (Chpt. 18)

By Kat

Mindy awoke coughing again. Her eyes broke out from their shells faster than a bullet, aching from the air that hit them. Blinking rapidly, Mindy turned and coughed into her pillow.

Mindy startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

Mindy gasped for air as she turned to look at the voice. Breathing a sigh of a relief, she noticed that it was Tom. Slumping into her pillow, she tried to recall the last twelve hours. Nothing came. The stupid antibiotics were messing with her memory.

"What.... what are you doing here?" She asked, trying to re-catch her breath.

Tom raised an eyebrow. "You asked me to stay a few hours ago,"

Mindy looked over at her alarm clock. It was only four a.m. Scooting uncomfortably up to the headboard, Mindy breathed out slowly.

Tom scooted up next to her, about a foot apart. He sighed, rolling his head over to look at Mindy.

"Are you okay?"

Mindy nodded, trying her best to not let out the cough that was pressing against her chest and lips. She tried desperately not to let it out. Each cough felt like thousands of needles embedding themselves in her flesh, and she had no intention on feeling it again.

Tom's breath caught in his throat. Mindy raised an eyebrow, looking over at him. He was looking down at her pillow, which she had put on her lap when she had replaced her positioning. Mindy glanced down at it, and saw what he was staring at.

There, in the shallow lamp light, blood was splattered on her white pillow case. Mindy gasped, causing her to cough again. More blood spurted from her mouth, dribbling down her chin. She bit her lip, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Her hand came away red, and Mindy tried her hardest not to gag. She slipped out of bed quickly, moving to the bathroom. She heard Tom following behind, his soft footsteps reassuring her fast pacing thoughts.

She was coughing up blood. Mindy's heart raced as she turned on the faucet, the cold water running smoothly over her hand. She scrubbed hard, afraid that the blood would stain her forever. She would have to walk around all the time, covering her bloody hand. She would look like a murdering psychopath idiot.

She coughed suddenly into he sink, leaning over to stop the blood from spreading across the counter. She felt her long hair tangle with her hand and tickle in front of her face.

Tom reached out and brushed the hair back, bringing it back behind her back. He rubbed her back in circles, comforting her in every way possible. The light flickered on and she had to blink to get used to it.

Tom stood slightly behind her, his left foot near her side. His eyes were filled with concern, and locked with hers in the mirror. Mindy smiled weakly - causing her to hack out another cough. Groaning, she leaned over the sink, trying not to think of the splatters she would have to clean off of the mirror. It would look like a murder scene.

Mindy mentally shook herself, clearing her thoughts. Tom squeezed her shoulder, keeping his other hand wrapped around her messy and knotted hair.

"Hey, it's okay," he soothed quietly.

Mindy nodded, almost hitting her head on the faucet. Squeezing her eyes shut, she begged herself to stop coughing.

Finally, the hacking stopped, and she was able to open her eyes. The sink was covered in a sleek layer of pink, mixing into the water that was still running from the faucet.

Mindy breathed deeply, slowly regaining her balance and standing up straight. She looked into the mirror and almost went back to the sink to vomit.

There was spots of blood covering the surface of the mirror. The only area that she was able to see anything decipherable was the top of Tom's head. His eyes were visible, but one of them had a red dot in the center. Mindy almost laughed to herself. Almost.

"This hurts more than it looks," she groaned, leaning up against Tom with a huff.

Tom gave her a half smile. "I bet,"

He lead her back to her bed to sit down, handing her an old popcorn bowl from the ground. She got the point of it, and sat upright against her headboard. Tom smiled softly and exited the room, returning a few moments later with some paper towels from the kitchen. Tom went straight to the bathroom.

Mindy closed her eyes, silently thanking the heavens for the wonderful guy they put in her life. She listened to the rapid beating of her heart, trying to slow the adrenaline coursing through her. She unsteadily breathed, keeping a short pace - trying her best to repeat it for as long as possible without coughing.

The contest between herself and her lungs gave out after a minute or two, when she felt her chest heave uncontrollably. She leaned down into the plastic bowl on her hands, letting the cough come out.

A few seconds after the first wheeze came out, Tom was by her side. He was like a faithful puppy. Always at her side when she needed him. He was cute, bright, playful, caring.... and she was coughing again.

Tom moved Mindy's hair out of the way while she basically puked out all of the blood in her body.

"This needs to stop." She mumbles when she is able to take a breath.

Tom rubbed her back. "Hey, relax. I'm glad I get to be here to take care of you. It's nice,"

Mindy's heart squeezes, making her cheeks blush. A tingle runs down her spine and a flame kindles in her belly. Ignoring the blood on her lips, she presses her mouth to Tom's cheek.

Mindy could feel Tom's grin before she saw it. It was the cutest thing with his dimples. Mindy had tried her best not to be all mushy over him, but she wasn't sure how else to be. He was nice and comforting, the least she could do was admit her feelings to him.

"I like you. A lot," Mindy muttered, fighting off another cough.

Tom wasn't bothered by the blood. He didn't even move to wipe it off his cheek, which made Mindy cringe. She wiped it off his slight stubble, her hand tingling from the contact.

Tom stopped her hand before it could rub his jawline any more. "You're driving me insane,"

Mindy looked at him, confused, as Tom wiped the blood off of Mindy's mouth with the rag he had given her earlier.

Tom grinned at Mindy's confused expression as he leaned down and pressed his lips firmly to hers.

Mindy's heart might've leaped or of her chest right then and there if it wasn't for the way it longed to be kissing Tom back. Her lips moved on their own accord, wanting to continue whatever it was they were doing.

"I like you too, Mindy. And I always will. I can never get you off my mind - and I don't want you to ever leave my thoughts," Tom admitted into Mindy's tingly lips.

Author Notes: Hey guys! Sorry for such a long wait! It is here! And it will be followed by a few more chapter that I've completed! I love you guys!!

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13 Apr, 2017
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