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her greatest fear

her greatest fear

By sweetshenzy

Who’s the loser?

It was the evening of July 31st when they broke up? It was 19 days before they celebrate their 5th year anniversary. She was the one who broke up w/ him. Why? It because, she could not handle such treatment anymore. Being taken for granted, being ignored.

It was so hard for her. After the break up, she suffered depression. Pitied herself. She felt like she lost the best man in the world. She lost the love of her life. But she chose to free herself from being paranoid and stressed. After all, she has her own body, family and job to think of. But for the past weeks, she had nothing in mind but questions, why did her boyfriend not care at all for her.

It was a long distance relationship. 3 weeks after the break up, she went to his place to find answers to her questions and to end everything gracefully. But it did not happen. She discovered that the man she trusted, the man she was very loyal to for 5 years, the man she loved w/ all her heart, betrayed her.

How sad, it had to end that way. But for her, she’s victorious. It has bee her greatest fear to lose him. But she was able to face it. Who’s the loser?

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21 Feb, 2011
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1 min
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