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Her Loyal Cat#Part 1
Her Loyal Cat#Part 1

Her Loyal Cat#Part 1

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Chapter 1: Flying To Pain

There once was a little girl named Tiki, Tiki was wandering in the park while her father sat down on the park bench and watched her, Tiki loved to swing along on the swings, because it makes her feel like she's flying. Tiki is African American and she has a condition that makes parts of her skin another race color, called Vitiligo.

One day, Tiki was swinging along on the swing, until a little boy pushed her off! Tiki went flying in the air, and flew to far, she banged her head very hard on a tree and landed on the ground very hurt! The little boy gasp in terror didn't know what to do, so the little boy ran away, the dad saw this happen and ran to Tiki in shock, he screamed out,


He screamed out while crying, Tiki barely could breathe as her eyes slowly starts to close from the pain, her head bleeding out blood, her face bleeding, her body aches... A beautiful lady came by rushing as she saw, she is a race of Caucasian, she has beautiful long black hair and green eyes, about Tiki's father age, she offered to help, and took out a mini aid kit she carries around and started to care for Tiki, Tiki's eyes slowly closed, and she passed out, she only heard the words while she was passing out,


She hears her fathers voice,

"I promise! I will, help her! That's my duty as a doctor!",

She heard a lady's voice, and she didn't hear anything else.

Chapter 2: Hospital Bed

Tiki woked up in a hospital bed, and saw her dad outside the door talking to the same lady she saw helping her when she passed out, Tiki body ached with pain, and she couldn't barely move a muscle, she then said in pain and stuttering,


She said trying to get her dad's attention, her dad then turned around facing where the recognizable voice came from, and saw his one and only loveable daughter awake in the hospital bed trying to stare at him but can only barely move her head because of the pain it brings, her dad rushed over to her and gets on his knees putting his hand on her arm and says with a happy and sad stutter voice,

"T..Tiki! Your okay! I..I'm so.. happy!",

He says trying not to cry, Tiki then senses something is up and says,

"D..daddy, what's.. g..going o..on!",

Her dad doesn't answers her question, and starts to cry a little, the lady comes in pushing a wheel chair, you ready to go home little miss? Tiki is then confused, and says,

"Wait.. w..what? L..Long. Have.. I.. I.. b..been..-S..Sleep!",

Tiki says wondering why she woke up in pain and instead of swinging on the swings, the lady then says,

"I'm.. so sorry dear.. Uhm, I heard you like swings, and uhm, so, uhm, the reason your here, is because you flew off the swings and hit a tree very badly! And uhm.. More bad news..",

Says the lady trying not to make Tiki worried, Tiki then sat up trying to ignore the pain but left out a few tears while trying to sit up, she then takes the cover off her and is left crying, one of her legs was replaced with a robot leg because it was to injured and caught an infection, Tiki then hugs her father and cries, the lady was very sad and let out a few tears too, she then says again with a stutter in her voice.

"A..Are, you ready to g..go home little miss..?"

She says trying to not seem like she's crying, Tiki nods, and so, the lady ask if the father can pick Tiki up and put her in the wheel chair, and so he did, the doctor also introduced herself as Lucy, and so, the father introduced himself back as Damian, they both exchanged numbers and became good friends, and dad left with his daughter for home.

Chapter 3: Can I Go Out And Play?

Everyday, Tiki would roll to her dad's room in the wheel chair, and ask him if she could go out and play, her dad would always say 'No', countless times, 2 weeks pass, and Tiki would cry in her room and would look out the window. One day while looking out in the window, she saw a black cat outside the window, it starred up at her and meowed but she couldn't hear it meow because the cat was outside, and she was inside, she waved at the cat with a smile, knowing that the cat would just walk away, it's probably not even starring at her, but surprisingly, the cat pawed back at her, like it was waving, the cat had a green eye and a blue eye, Tiki knew it was a boy because a few days later when it layed down and was close to the window, she saw its genger part, she named him Buddy Loyal, because he was her first friend and was quite Loyal, they became best friends a couple weeks later.

-To Be Continued-

Author Notes: This is still to be continued, this is part 1, tell me how I did! Comment down below haha, have a nice day!

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