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Her Name Was June

Her Name Was June

By BrookeWood

"Where is she?!" I said. "Who?" said the policeman. "My Grandma! She was driving the car when we crashed, I need to find her now!"

About two hours earlier…

It was Sept 19, 2004. We were at a house warming party for my cousins. My best friend Katie is with me and we are having fun outside with a pogo stick and the rest of my cousins when my mother comes to say goodbye. "Can I come with you?" I ask. " No, you, grandma, and Aunt Becky have to take Katie home tonight." So we say our goodbyes and separate. On our way to Brighton to take Katie home, we start playing ispay which soon turns into knock knock jokes. My grandma's driving, my aunt is in the passenger seat, and Katie and I are in the back. There is no music, only laughter and happiness.

Were getting close to the city of Thornton which is about 5 miles from Katie’s house. And that’s when it happened. Now what was once laughter has turned into screams, all I can feel is glass in my mouth, and all I can think about is why didn’t we stop at that stop sign?

I open my eyes, grab all the glass from my mouth but I still cant breath. I find out that Katie who is three times my size is crushing my lungs. I finally find the breath to say “get off of me!” when she does all I feel is pain everywhere. The kind of pain when you don’t know if its physical or mental. As I start to sit up and look around, its hard to believe that I’m in a car. There is no driver seat, no windshield, only smoke. Katie is no longer in my sight. The only thing that catches my eyes now is my Grandma. Her body is in the most unbearable position. Its very clear that her neck is broken. And that’s when I see this mist come out of her body and float into the air. Soon after I hear a wheezing sound and look up. My aunt is hanging upside down, still in her seat and seatbelt that is choking her. I use all the strength I have left to help her get out but she is unconscious and too heavy.

All the sudden I hear Katie say to me that we need to get out of here and she smells gas. So I left my Grandma and my aunt in the way of danger and I will never forgive myself. When we get out of the car I see the car that hit us. There is a lady in the driver seat screaming and all we do is scream with her. We are in the middle of no where and I have no idea what to do. That’s when Katie tells me her lip is gone. So I look at her closely to see both lips still attached until she shows me the inside and all I see is a huge gash in her lip. So we continue to cry, scream, and run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Finally some older people who saw the crash from their house come to help and call the police. I then asked to use their phone to call my mom to tell her what happened. But I was so hysterical she couldn’t understand me so I hand the phone to someone else to explain while I talk to the cops. When I ask where my grandma is, the look in their eyes make my heart sink and I know now that the mist I saw was her soul. I try not to think about it and ask where my aunt is. They said “She is pretty banged up but she’s walking around and asking about you but she on her way to the hospital.”

Katie’s mom got to the crash site before we went to the hospital. When we got to the ambulance all I could think about was I hope we don’t crash again. When we got to children’s hospital my neck was killing me and they were giving me shots and I.V’s left and right. After that they took me to the x- ray room. Since it was my neck I had to open my mouth and do the x-ray about 10 times. Since I had to go through that they gave me a teddy that was already named. The name tag said June. The crazy thing is, that was my grandmother’s name.

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6 Jan, 2011
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3 mins
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