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Her Story, Our Memory

Her Story, Our Memory

By Lilith_Garnet

[Luna’s POV]

My name is Luna Alexandria, I’m 18 years old. I live by myself in a small house in the middle of the woods. Well not completely by myself, my best friend, Mavis lives with me. She is like a sister to me, she’s always been there when I needed her most. She was there for me when my father was killed. She was there with me after my mother died in the attic. I blocked the door of that room, to keep everyone out.

The story of my past is a very… dark compared to others. At first, we were just a normal family. My mother was pregnant with a little boy. We would all sit at the table and try to pick a name for him. My father would make pancakes for everyone and that’s the one thing my mother wants to eat all the time. Then about a week later I think that something ticked in my mother's head to make her do what she did. We were always so happy, my parents even like Mavis and she would normally come and stay the night. One day when I was sleeping in my room with Mavis, my mother killed my father at 11:30 pm. Then my mother hung herself in the attic of the house I live in now. This all happened four years ago.


When I found my father on the kitchen floor in a puddle of blood I screamed. Then Mavis ran down the stairs when she heard me yelling and crying down on my knees. When she arrived next to me all of those years ago, that was the fastest I ever ran in my life. I ran to my parent's room to look for my mother, she wasn’t there. Mavis followed behind me as I went from room to room looking for my mother. 30 minutes passed until I checked every room in the house except the attic. I didn’t know what I was going to find up there, but I was scared. Then I pulled down the attic staircase and slowly walked up there. Step by step, I got closer and closer to where the staircase ends. Then when I made it to the attic, I looked up. Mavis behind me, I keep walking. Tears fell down my face when I saw my mother hanging there from a rope. Then Mavis wrapped her arms around me as I fell to the ground once more that day.

[Mavis’s POV]

As Luna and I slowly walked up the staircase, Luna was shaking. I wanted to take her hand, I reached for her hand. Then before I could we had made it to the top of the staircase. She walked forward, the body moving back and forth as if she was closing her eyes. I saw tears hit the floor as she and I both saw she mother hanging there. Like Luna, tears ran down my face as well. Then I wrapped my arms around her. We fell to the floor, my arms still around her. Then Luna stood up, she took my hand and she walked down the stairs, I followed behind her as she still took my hand. She ran outside with me following behind her. She went to a tree with carvings and dents in it. Did she do this?, I thought to myself. I tried not to show how concerned I was. She turned around and looked at me with her ocean blue eyes and said, “yes”. “What?”, I asked with confusion in my voice. “The answer to your question, I did make the markings on the tree,” she said to me. I was shocked, “how did--.” She cut me off as she hit the tree. Then when she removed her hand from the tree, I saw blood. I grabbed her hand, with her blood dripping onto my hand. Tears started to run down my face once more for the day, I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be that last. “You need to stop,” I yell to her. Her face turns to turns to me with anger on her face.

[Luna’s POV]

I turn when I hear Mavis yell. Is she crying?!? Mavis starts to form a smile. What is she doing? I feel I single tear run down my face. I try to move my hand, but she moves it closer to her. Until she pulls me to the ground with her. She takes my other hand and then let's go. She then wrapped her arms around me as we lay in the grass outside.


[Mavis’s POV]

I woke up next to Luna who seems to be restless. Tears run down her face. Was she having a nightmare? I took my finger and wipe her tear off her face. I took her hand as I tried to fall back asleep.

[Luna’s POV]

I wake up to a warmer body temperature near me. I look over to see Mavis hand in mine. I move them away from one another. “Thanks”, I whisper. I get up and go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and see dried tears up and down my face. I start to smile as I walk back to Mavis who is still sound asleep. I put the covers back over her as she lays there.

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About This Story
22 May, 2018
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4 mins
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