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He's Gone

He's Gone

By SilverOaks - 2 Reviews

As Reed left the apartment, I called out “ I love you, be safe!” “Cleo I’ll be fine and I love you too!” As he left he air kissed me and then shut the door. I smiled, shaking my head and went back to the bedroom. I had made the bed right when we had gotten up, but the room still smelled like him. Sandalwood and orange. I sat down on the armchair and started to read Romeo and Juliet.
About 30 minutes had past when I heard a knock on the door. Still reading I went to open it. The knock came again more persistent this time. “Alright, Alright! I’m coming!” I called out. I set my book down and look through the peep-hole. There were two police at the door. I opened the door with a smile on my face. But the officers looked so grim that I stopped right away. “What can I do for you, officers today?” “Are you Ms.Cleo Goodlove?” “Yes I am she.” “I am sorry Ms.Goodlove but there was an accident. Mr. Reed, Taylor has died, and you are the only person we could find that had any relationship with him.”
But at about the time they had said Reed was dead, I had stopped listening. I had slid to my knees and I had a hot/cold flash, then I started to scream. I started to choke on my own screams. Then everything went to a blissful black.

Author Notes: I am planning on doing a second part..... maby

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20 Feb, 2020
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