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He's my teacher, I'm his student Part (1)

He's my teacher, I'm his student Part (1)

By DesireToBeLoved

Chapter 2

Days began to pass in his class, he was such a hard marker. I never struggled in school but for his class I worked much harder than before. Another aspect that I found admirable of him. He striked as a challenge, who I was willingly to accept and defeat. Now it may seem like I fell for his looks but without denial I do admit attraction got my attention but personality won my heart. As days passed, I began falling for him. He turned out to be handsome, passionate, hard-working and the list goes on. If it were up to me, I'd write a journal and rate him Mr.Perfect. Funnily, that wasn't the nickname I gave him (High-schoolers are silly), in fact the only other person who knew about my crush was my best friend, Wendell and I named him Tall_Freak. You must be going "what in the world", well my bad for not telling this but yes, my teacher was Tall, Light and Handsome. His name? That has to wait a bit.
As I mentioned above, he was very passionate, about what you may ask? Biology of course. It made me even more and more into him. Long before I knew it, I had fallen madly in admirance with my biology teacher. When the admiring turned into something more was beyond my control.

Lunch bell rang at 11:10 a.m. I ran to my girlfriend, wendyyy (my petname for her) to eat lunch. I had a history exam so I was distracted and studying.
"Why don't we go near your Bio class and sit near the desk in front of his class?" said Wendy in a teasing tone. I gave a exaggerated sigh and agreed in misery. However, my heart was beating uncontrollably. The moment we sat down, my bio teacher came out in blue shirt. He looked like a cowboy with shirt tucked in with belt an brown shoes. My poor heart began beating uncontrollably as I fidgeted.
"Hey Anna! What're you doing?" he said in a chirpy voice
"Nothing, just eating lunch.." what happened next amazed me, he stood there and got in level with my eyes since I was sitting and asked about my weekend.
"I have a history exam", he interrupts and says "Oh so you're obviously prepared seeing how you're sitting here chilling with your friend" in a teasing voice. Then he continued quizzing me for the exam and turned up spending 15 minutes just talking. He left soon after but I realized two things, his eyes were sparkly as he gazed down at me and he had a look of pure adoration when talking to me. I knew nothing would stay the same.
It was just that moment when I, Anna, realized how much I have fallen for my biology teacher. That was the start of my long, forbidden love.

--End of Flashback--

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19 Nov, 2011

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