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He's my teacher, I'm his student Part (3)

He's my teacher, I'm his student Part (3)

By DesireToBeLoved

Chapter 4

Ah, him and I were getting close. Some days he was cold, other days he is warm. I've been observing him and something comical happened! He began to mimick my style. Whether it was sunconsciously or intentional but Mr.G (YES I REVEALED THE NAME) began to wear the same clothes as me. Ok, not exactly but say on Monday I wore plaid, he would wear plaid the next day; if I wore black on day, he would wear black the next. You may think "How stupid" but my friend is interested in psychology and this "mimicking" went on for 2 weeks. However, it need as we went on the fieldtrip. Durin the fieldtrip, he avoided me like a plague or so I felt. Anyway he would talk to my partner instead of me and we both avoided eye-contact. He would be texting and when I'd tell an answer, without looking he'd go "Loud voice Anna". It was these little things that fluttered my heart. I did attempt to dress extra cutely and I think it worked! However, I still felt inadequate so I avoided him. As we did a game, I answered and his response was "Wow, not many students know that" and I look back and he had this intense look to him and he gazed at me. I turned back again and he had this look that he was trying to solve a mystery. Thinking back I feel so shaken up, it was almost like he was trying to read me. Afterwards, the ride back we talked and when he shook my hand, this time he held it longer and looked back as I left the bus. Luckily it was the weekend and I controlled my heart. I thought the trip was somewhat too revealing about myself and maybe giving a wrong impression.

2 days after the long weekend, I returned. What I feared, ended up happening. He was cold and detached. However, what amazed me is that he knew I was there before he saw. The funny part was that as I talked with him, my pen snapped open! The look on my face must have been priceless and he even stood up and got my cap for me. He was so tall. He leaned back and talked with me, explaining. Honestly, it was intense. I mean intense because it was that figuring out look. What confused me, one moment he wanted me to get lost another moment he began to talk more and more trying to keep me in as I decided to leave. Mr.G seemed so stressed and plain confused. It was heart-breaking.

As I went to bed that night, I decided "no more silly like for my bio teacher, obviously he doesn't care. However, the problem wasn't with him, the problem was I, as a student crossed my limit and was hoping you'd return them. The whole similar style, mimicking my actions in general all made me believe that there was a spark. Despite, the behaviour he displayed when I asked him a question proved otherwise. But something happened in the week's time as I slowly began forgetting him..

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20 Nov, 2011
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