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He's my teacher, I'm his student Part 4

He's my teacher, I'm his student Part 4

By DesireToBeLoved

Chapter 3

As the week after the fieldtrip continued, Mr.G became more and more moody. On the Wednesday, I decided to go to him for help because I did not understant it as well.

"I have to go to Bio for help, do you want to come and observe Wend?" I asked my bestie. She agreed to go and with head held high I took off. The moment he saw me he got this secretive smile but then he saw Wend and began making fun of her height. "OMG YOU'RE SOOO SHORT! Just like my six year old". Let's pause, shall we? Yeah, the part of imformation I was stretching to tell was that he was married and had two daughters, one five-years-old and another six-year-old. Ok, that is cleared, let's proceed with my story.
He continued with "Awhh, that is SOO cute!" and I never felt more jealous than before of my girlfriend who was like my sister. After sparring her with his attention, he continued talking to the grade eight that was there and then sat down to help me. Again, maybe I feel it's stupid but as I talked, he watched me lips. Maybe to pay attention to what I was saying because if he was interested in my lips he wouldn't remember the things I said. Funny right? Well, he also seemed to recall how I got the question wrong in class which was embarrasing but he was able to help me. I left happily and I may have felt his gaze on me but I wouldn't be sure. That was the first time he had looked at my lips and it had caused different feelings in the pit of my stomach.
--End of Flashback--

After the Wednesday incident, then came Thursday. I was shocked what occured in class. He was stern like usual but very attentive to what I did. He even got this teasing smile when I had this "OMFG we have a quiz?!" and he said it out loud. Then he called me up to ask what my surname was because I used a different one. It didn't click to me until later when he announced the "Student of the Week" turned out it was me. For weeks of working hard, then I got the award as I least expected it. It amazed and shocked me to my core. However, his last words "Come on up here, kiddo", that broke my heart. The happiness for the award dissolved when he called me the kid word. However, I went up there and shook my hands with him. As usual, he held onto my hands for a long time and gazed into my eyes as he told my certificate in on the way and I am a great student. Like a plague, I wanted to release his hands but I avoided it..he made me nervous. An intersting thought was that, the night before I had wished he would call me "kiddo" because it usually means "cute"; however, I realized when Mr.G used that, he did not mean that but rather youthly look and someone younger. It was a little heartbreaking yet it also seemed like the heat of moment.
Anyway, after school I went to talk with him, only this time he seemed very estastic to see me and even walked over and congratulated me. What amazed me next he noticed I did not have shoes on and began asking. Then, he went over and sat on the desk to be levelled with me to talk and stalled me asking me about stuff. It was intimidating yet thrilling. Again, he had that scrutinizing gaze; he licked his lips once and kept gazing at me. It felt more like he was observing me rather listening. It was bizaare and my friend Wend decided to come. The moment she arrived, his abruptly ended the conversation and dismissed us. It was abrupt and I was left all confused.

That night as I went to bed, I tried really hard to decode what in the world he was saying, but had a hard time. One thing was for sure, each time I attempted to get over him, something amazing occured and it just went opposite the plan. I decided, why bother with trying to get over him, it's useless and went to bed with dreams of him.

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20 Nov, 2011
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