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He's my teacher, I'm his student

He's my teacher, I'm his student

By DesireToBeLoved

Introduction (Part1)

November 19th, 2011

It has been 3 months since I've known him. He has a beautiful smile that seemed to have lessened in these past few days. I fear, does he know? The usual smile that he would give me, the sparkle he would get when he saw me..all gone. Like mom would say "You're being a drama queen, Anna", I guess I'm overreacting eh? It doesn't matter though nothing will happen anyway and I guess it's better if he ignores me. I should be blessed to just get a glimpse of his perfection each day for an hour, but it's unnecessary really, for I already have his image imprinted on my head. Now you may wonder, what is this lunatic, obsessed girl talking about. Let's start from the behind shall we?

Chapter 1
It was the first day of my senior class. You must be wondering who this "my" person is, well my name is Annabel Duranshi and as you've guessed I'm 17 years and almost done the hell called High School! As for my eccentric surname, well my mom is East-Indian, typical true love between my mama and dad, met in was like fate blah blah! Anyway, I'm short-ish, thin and dare I saw curvy, as well I have a decent face. I'm not ugly by any means but not bombshell beauty either. In fact I look younger than my age and many mistake me for a freshman! That's a little background on myself and I'll tell you my tale.
The first time I went to my biology class, I was super excited! Biology being my favorite subject, I was anticipating for it. My new teacher was so enthusiastic as well. I saw a figure standing near the door, shaking every students hand. I was impressed by his dedication; however, the moment I laid my eyes on him, my breathing stopped. He was so handsome! I was so screwed. There went my plan to do well in Biology, my goal to ignore guys and focus. The thought that ran through me "This must be a sicko joke". Yes,my biology teacher was sent to make my life my personal hell.

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19 Nov, 2011
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