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He's my True Love

He's my True Love

By vulnerableghurl94

I will never fall in love again. That’s what I always tell to myself, foolishness isn’t? coz we never can control our feelings, right? And yet those words, I forgot when I met him. A man whom I always want to be with since I met him. I never thought I’d fall in love with him, never, really, but I did. So then, every time I see him, I can’t stop but to stare at him. I love looking at him. He’s name is Earl.(not his real name). and he’s seventeen yrs old, and I’m sixteen.
As I’m writing this story, I actually can’t figure the right words I should say. but It all started when we talked through sms, haha…it was 28th of Dec, 2010, just recently..
“hey, I was wondering what would you do if you like a girl but she doesn’t like you back?.” I asked him.
“uhm, well, accept the fact that we’re not meant for each other.” He answered
“gggrrhh.. why isn’t he like you.” I answered back.
“who is it?.” He asked.
“it’s Nick.” Well, I know that he knows who it was but I don’t know why he asked.
“why don’t you like him?”
“cause I just don’t, and besides I like somebody else.” I said.
“well, who is it then?”Asked he.
“that, I can’t tell you.” Yeah I can’t ‘cause he’s the one I like, well, not only like, actually, it’s love.
Then there, he insisted, and he really wanted to know who. Then I asked why is he so curious.
“cause, a girl like you is rare, kind, funny, beautiful, and especially, a believer.”
When I read that, It was like I heard the chorus of angels singing Hallelujah. 
Then I had a doubt, what if he’s just making me believe and he’s not really sincere of what he’s saying, then it was like, someone or something had told him of what I’m thinking, a txt message from him came,
“I’m telling the truth, promise.” Woow,ok, that was unexpected. But still he insisted, he sent me a lot of same text messages, so I got irritated or annoyed, yeah whatever. So I told him that the guy I like (love) is ‘him’. It was really embarrassing that I told him that, but it was done. And he texted back,
“what??!! Why me?”
“I don’t know, I just love the way you are.” Urrgghh, I didn’t know where I got the courage to tell him that but really, I felt so ashamed of myself that time…thank God we’re not talking face to face.
“wow, didn’t you know that I like you too.?”Waahhhhhhhh!!!! again, another, singing angels. 
“really??, I mean why?” I texted back
“Yeah, I told u already, and didn’t u notice every time we’re together?”
“Notice what?” I pretended that I didn’t know, though maybe I knew.
“That I liked being with you.” Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Again another singing angels.
Aherm. “I actually did notice, that you’re always around wherever I go, but I didn’t mind, thinking that you’re just playing around, you know.” Yeah, I brought out what’s inside of me.
“No, I intentionally go wherever you go, ‘coz I like you, and you’re fun to be with.”
Ok, stop!! I can’t concentrate..haha..Sorry guys, I keep thinking of him while writing this story and I…i…just want to be with him right now,.haayy. Continue the story,
“Will you be busy tomorrow?” Haha..i know what’s the next question, so I said no, and just as I said I know the next question.
“Can we go out, if possible.” Ahhhh!! I actually wiggled like a worm,,haha,I know u know that girls, it’s what you feel when a guy, like flatter you or something..
Well, I actually need to do the laundry but still I said yes, I don’t know, but I think that’s the way it is when in love. You’re willing to sacrifice your time just to be with the one you love.
So the day after, we went to the mall, he just like I there, and haaayy…he actually treated me at Starbucks, I don’t know, but I’m fine with fastfood chains. But that’s fine, I still find him sweet.
And there, most of the time I caught him staring at me, and I know I won’t catch him looking at me If I’m not looking at him too…haha…i can't help it, he's so cute and such a sweet guy and we’re really having a great time when we’re together, he’s so fun to be with. He started courting me when we first had a date, yeah…and I’m missing him most of the time we’re not seeing each other, I know right, I’m kinda fast, but what can I do? I really love him, and I’m looking forward by the time that I’ll say ‘yes’ to his question.
P.S. (LoL)
Guys, believe me, you’ll be feeling what I am feeling right now by the time that you’ll find you’re true love, I believe that he’s my true love, yes I do,…I’m thinking positive, ‘cause I don’t want him to be gone in my life. He’s the best gift that God gave to me..

**weee, i'll let you know if he's mine already...ok?..

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1 Jan, 2011
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4 mins
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