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Hexagon Pt.2
Hexagon Pt.2

Hexagon Pt.2


I hear a small sigh while I listen to music in my headphones. The sigh was barely audible, but I still noticed. The girl was sitting up and staring right at me. And my heart dropped. I didn’t know what it was, I just felt something happen when I looked into her eyes. She must have felt it too because she shivered causing her to sink into the couch even more. I was sitting in the tall kitchen chair so I wouldn’t disturb her while she had slept.

Her eyes were a pale brown. It was like an overly milky cup of hot chocolate. Her hair was set in a cute short cut, it was a dark brown that almost looks black with a small strand of green. As if she had dyed it at least a week before. Her stare was irresistible, It was almost comforting. But she definitely was not ten years old. But she wasn’t older than I was that's for sure.

“So um.. Who are you?” She asks, her voice was high and sounded like a little kid’s. But that may have just been a side effect of her small body.

“Who am I? That should be my line..” I say as I slowly take out my ear buds. “So who are you”. She hesitates then begins,

“You can call me Martha..” She looks away from me and around the house with her pale eyes.

“Call you Martha? Is Martha not your real name?” Great now I’m curious. She looks at me smugly as if I were dumb. I wouldn’t protest the idea though.

“Of course it’s not my real name! ‘Come here Martha! Come to mommy Martha~’ No of course it's not my real name..” Martha says she seemed to be mocking me.

“Oh sorry I didn’t know you’d act like a snobby bitch.” I exclaim and immediately regret it.

“Didn’t realize space trash had such a bad mouth! Maybe you’re more like a piece of chewed up gum, Sticky and annoying to rub off!” She snapped. I hadn’t heard someone call me space trash in years. It hurts now as much as it did then. I try to keep my calm, but the effect of it caused me to throw a goldfish at her. She blinks at me confused,

“Uh sorry..”

“I’m just confused about why you threw a goldfish at me..” She says and I could see her trying to hold back a laugh. Fail. She began to laugh, her cute tight curls bouncing a bit while she laughed out loud. I watch in awe. What did she use to get her curls like that? I begin to chuckle, Soon Faith and Winter round the corner.

“Oh the girl is awake!!” Faith exclaims and rushes towards Martha.

“Goody now we can ask how old she is!” Winter says and he playfully nudges my shoulder. “By the way little girl, how old are you?” He asks and begins to chuckle. Martha lets go of the mobility in her arm and looks at Winter while Faith shakes Martha's arm like crazy.

“I’m 14.. How old are you guys?” She says looking around at us.

“I’m 8 and Winter is 20 years old.. He’s an old man” Faith says innocently. Martha chuckles a bit then looks at me.

“Uh I’m 17..” I say, trying to return from a small burst of laughter at Faith's comment about Winter. Winter's face was still embarrassed looking, Martha smiles and looks back at Faith.

“You’re a little devil aren’t you?” She asks Faith. Faith who’d been shaking Martha's arm stops and looks at Martha as if she gives up and she gives in to the evil side.

“T-yeah just a little evil..” Faith looks like she just confessed a really big secret she's had to keep all her life. It was scarily interesting how real it looked. It’s like Martha was in control of everything.

After mom makes breakfast and we all eat including Martha, I go over to a ‘friends’ place. They aren’t technically my friends, they're more of a group, Some would call it a gang. I wouldn’t protest the judgment either. Dylan's house is literally in the middle of nowhere and most of the time it's hard to find. But I’ve gotten used to the weird turns. (I think)

“OooOo Nickys here!!!” Jessica screams as soon as I enter the door.

“That’s Dominic to you Jessica.”

“Oh sorry Dominic~ Guess who I just did..” She exclaims as she loops her arm around my neck.

“Who’d you do this time?” I ask 100% wishing I didn’t have to.

“Dylan! Did you know his d-” Samantha cuts her off,

“No one wants to know that information Jessica.. Keep it to yourself.” Her meh voice peered around the corner. Looking as emo as always. Jessica was wearing tiny booty shorts and a crop top that looked like it was gonna explode because of her giant breasts.

Samantha on the other hand was wearing a tighter looking hoodie with denim jeans and chains hanging from almost everything. Her raven black hair was styled to cover one eye and the eye that was visible had the darkest shades of makeup that ever existed. I would call her goth but she gets mad when we call her that. But the idea still stands; She’s either Depressed or just really likes dark and brooding stuff.

“What’s all of the noise for?” Vinny’s dark and supposably (I don’t believe it could possibly be), sexy voice sounds loud and clear through the squeaky voices of Samantha and Jessica fighting about something. Jessica immediately lights up.

“Vinny!” Jessica screams and rips away her grip on me and barrels towards Vinny.

“No, My answer is still a no on you doing me. Especially after you just ‘did’ Dylan.” He gags and then sees me and smiles. “It’s been a while hasn’t it Dom?” Vinny says after he pushes Jessica onto the couch and makes his way towards me.

“Clearly not long enough..” I chuckle and do the small handshake me and him have.

“You two are way too cute to even live on this earth.” A smaller voice peeps in. Gabriel is 16.. He’s always been small and called a midget. But he’s not quite short enough or annoying enough to be a midget. Vinny and I both turn at the same time. Pure hate burns in Vinny's face.

“We are not cute..” Vinny finally says almost calm enough to pass for I’m not gonna kill you. Almost.

“Yeah ‘cause I believe you.” Gabriel rolls his eyes and goes into flirt mode. Samantha is his target today. I wouldn’t even try to go after her. She's too scary and dense.

“Oh yeah Dylan just got a new gas.. Wanna try it out with me Vinny?” Jessica asks puppy eyes mode in full force. While everyone was occupied with something I went to look for Milo or Dylan for that matter in the other room. Dylan is 19 years old and works at a small cafe somewhere. I don’t care where ‘cause I don’t ever plan on seeing him in public. Milo is Dylan's cousin, also 19 but way more mature than Dylan. Milo works at the same job as I and I guess you could say I have a soft spot for him. The judgment isn’t completely incorrect. Milo could very well not be here. His mom is in the hospital slowly dying from liver failure. I’ve visited them a couple times but it’s hard not to cry in there.

“Oh I didn’t know you’d be here today Dominic.. You normally don’t come here during the weekdays. Well this early at least.” Milo says from somewhere behind me. I pause in my tracks shocked and confused. I hadn’t heard any footsteps behind me.


“Sorry I was just smoking in the corner.. That's why you didn’t see me.” Milo says as he cuts in front of me. His blonde hair was messy and he looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks.

“You look terrible.. How's your mom?” I ask pushing my hands into my pockets so I wouldn’t unconsciously have the urge to trace the veins in his arms. I know, I know that sounds really gay. But I swear it’s just really hard to not want to touch ‘em. Ask anybody.

“She’s not getting better that’s for sure. The doctors have been doing so many tests it's hard to keep track.” he pauses and takes in a whiff of the cigar in his fingers. “She’s fading.. Forgetting things. Grandma came to visit her, it was weird ‘cause she didn’t really know who was in the room with her. Grandma cried a bit because of the confusion.” He cuts himself off and looks at me, he smiles and continues. “I already cried a bunch.. So I guess it affected me a bit less than it should have to see my own grandmother cry. Anyway how’s school?” He asks his face blank while he takes small whiffs of the cigar.

“It’s alright.. The sucky thing is they might cause school to be down for the rest of the week because of the snow..” I think back to Martha and immediately click out of the thought.

“Oh that's why you’re here.. Snow day.” Milo smiles probably remembering past snow days. Snow days were fun when you didn’t want to be in school.

“Yep.. and because I don’t want to be home right now. If I did I'd probably be watching something.” Martha's warm stare came back into my mind.

“Now why don’t you want to be at home?” He asks real curiosity gleamed in his eyes. I could hear the snowflakes tapping on the windows. The silence was eerie and I didn’t like the real curiosity. It made things way too real.

“My mom brought home a 14 year old girl like two days ago and I guess I just don’t want anything to do with her.” I pause thinking that's all I would have to say and he’d let it go.

“This is interesting.. Continue.” I chuckle. Of course he wouldn’t just let it go. He’s Milo.

“She seemed so innocent and almost shy. But then I called her a snobby bitch and she burst. I hadn’t been called Space Trash in years. Until she decided to wake up.” Milo begins laughing.

“Space Trash!? I haven’t heard that in forever! Oh man she’s fun.. I can tell.” He continues to laugh. “You are Space Trash aren’t you.. Damn~”

“But then she called me a piece of chewed up gum.. ‘Sticky and annoying to get off’.. But the worst part is I threw a goldfish at her.” Milo stops laughing and looks at me confused.

“A goldfish? Dude you are so lame!” He jokingly punches my shoulder and begins to laugh again.

“I know.. But she laughed so I guess it's ok.” Soon Milo stops laughing and looks at me. His eyes were watery because of how hard he laughed.

“Oh yeah I was gonna go walk to that Thrift shop like a couple of blocks down.. Wanna come with me?” He asks.

“Sure, why not.” I put on my coat and he puts on his. And soon we make our way out of the house. Samantha tries to hold Jessica to keep her from jumping on me and Milo.

Milo looks around at the antique stuff that was put on random racks. The thrift shop smelled like when your grandpa is a cleaning freak. Nope not disinfectant. It smells like nothing. Your senses are clogged because of all of the disinfectant and so it literally smells exactly what air smells like. Nothing. And I didn’t like it.

Milo insisted on taking me home, and so I hesitantly agreed. When I get home Winter greets Milo and they were in a full conversation when I decided to go inside away from the bitter cold. Martha was playing dolls with Faith on the floor near the TV. Martha was wearing a light blue spaghetti strap tank top, with Black jeans that had holes in it. Her hair was in two lopsided pigtails on her head. I had a feeling Faith wanted to style her hair and Martha had agreed.

“Nicky!” Faith screams and rushes towards me. I set my coat down and right before she was about to attack my leg I swung her into the air and held her in my arms blowing raspberries on her stomach. She giggles and her legs swing back and forth. I ran out of breath and set her down. Martha was standing up now and smiling at both of us. “Martha did you see? Did you see me?! I was flying!” Faith exclaims and makes a flying motion with her hands.

“Yeah I saw you! Was it fun?” She says putting her hands on her hips. I hadn’t realized how short she was. She was only about an inch taller than Faith.

“So much fun!”

“What do you say when you enjoy something?” Martha says in a slightly darker voice. It was kinda creepy.

“Thank you Dominic! Thank you~” Faith says smiling. Then Faith rushes up the stairs towards her room, leaving me and Martha in silence.

“Looks like you had some fun today.” I say breaking the silence. Martha looks at me and smiles.

“Yeah she has a very interesting fashion sense. She’s actually pretty dramatic.” She laughs a bit.

“She says she wants to be an actress when she grows up.”

“She’s not too far now.” Martha says and looks at me, her pale eyes take on a whole new experience I haven’t felt before. My body unconsciously relaxes and I feel my legs begin to give out. She seemed unreal. It was powerful. Winter enters the room and she lets go of her stare. My body automatically becomes online again. Although I felt weaker and more tired than before.

“You good? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Winter asks me.

“I’m fine. I’m just tired. I'm going to take a nap.” I begin to walk away feeling Winter and Marthas stare on my back. Hopefully her stare doesn’t have the ability to go through the back of my head.

Author Notes: Um... This felt a bit rushed to me... Let me know what you think.

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7 Jul, 2020
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