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Hey, Day!
Hey, Day!

Hey, Day!

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Hey, Day!

It's great to see you -

You are fresh and new,

That means I am too!

Hey, Day!

Let's light this candle -

Come what may,

I know I can handle.

Hey, Day!

I'm ready to dance -

I'll rock the clock

To enhance my chance.

Hey, Day!

You weren't promised,

So I just gotta say:

Happy to see ya -


Hey, Day!

The night is done -

Opportunity shines

Like the light of your sun.

Hey, Day!

The darkness is past -

I am coming at ya

Like a cannon blast!

You are a blessing,

A gift without price -

What positive lesson

This day of my life?

I'll roll with each punch

And munch stress for lunch -

I will smile a bunch

And hang with my hunch.

Hey, Day!

I'll make you count,

Every ounce

With a bounce.

Hey, Day!

It might be the Java

But I feel like I gotta

Flow and glow like a lotta lava.

So much to do,

Things to get to,

But I'll breeze through -

Let's light this fuse!

The ball is rollin',

Wheels in motion,

Haters are trollin',

White hot emotion.

But all's mine today

If I'll choose it,

So hey, Day -

Let's do this!

© Matt Decker

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About The Author
Matt Decker
About This Story
17 Oct, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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