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Hey, Future Me?
Hey, Future Me?

Hey, Future Me?

ThomastheRayThomas Ray
4 Reviews

Hey, future me? Are you out there? Are you listening? Do you think about me? How are... How are we?

Because I feel awful.

The future is like a sixty foot wave, and I'm sailing towards it in a rowboat. I have one oar, and one companion, and neither are any help. Everyone in my life expects me to go forward--​​​​ I want to go forward-- and I've been through waves before, but this one seems like it might break my boat.

My pathetic boat.

I could use a word of advice from you. A tip for how to continue. I'd love to hear you say that everything turns out okay, clears up, repairs itself. That I find a better place.

But what if you aren't in a better place? Would I rather not hear from you?

What I want is a hug. From you. Because I know you understand me. You get me. You know how I feel. You must remember. Right?

You remember this time?

I hope you do, and I hope you don't. I hope it's such a brief moment that it's buried underneath all the new exciting things you've done, all the memories made, the new struggles, the new joys, the new you who you are. But I hate the idea that this could be a trivial thing.

Help me out? Just say hi? Promise me that I'll be okay? Just give a little hint?

What's your favorite thing about my future? What's the bright spot?

You tell me, then I'll tell you mine. If you've forgotten, it will be a nice thing to remember.

Author Notes: I'm not dying. I'm just going through life, and it's rough. Don't read into this too deeply.

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Thomas Ray
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9 Sep, 2021
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