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Hi, I'm Miya
Hi, I'm Miya

Hi, I'm Miya


I'm Miya. Let me start from the beginning....

It was a pleasant day outside. The sun was bright, the wind was blowing just enough to keep you cool, and the view of the mountains from our little, red farm house was amazing. I was sitting on the small steps of our front porch admiring the view, when my little brother, Liam, came out to join me. We sat in silence for a few second just looking out into the endless land when Liam said to me,"I miss them".

I looked into his light,blue eyes, I get lost in them every time. "I know, I do too." He was talking about our parents. They died in January. This will be our first Thanksgiving without them and it was going to be really hard on Liam. There was a long silence, and just to break that silence I tousled his dark hair and said,"Lets go eat dinner. Whatcha hungry for"?

We sat in silence as we ate our leftover potroast. "I'm eighteen so I am his legal gardian. What am i gonna do when the schoolyear starts back? I am going to have to pay for it somehow! what am I gonna do?" These are the thought going through my head as I am watching my kid brother finish his dinner. I was thinking about getting a job at the ranch up the street. I'm pretty sure I heard something about them needing a stable hand. Liam and I finished cleaning the dishes, said goodnight, and went to our own bedrooms.

As I was laying in bed I thought,"I need to call everyone! I've been so distracted and have not thought about our Thanksgiving plans! We are two weeks away and I don't know where were going, or even if everyone else is coming!" I had a long day ahead of me. Still laying there motionless, trying to sleep, I could just imagine what Liam was thinking right now. Usually, about this time of night, Liam is scribbling in his journal about how much he misses Mom and Dad. I know because somtimes I go to check on him, he sleeps with his door open, and I see him, crying, and writing in his little, leatherbound book. Even during the day I can see in his eyes how much pain he is going through. He is only eleven, he should not have to go through this so early in life.

It's dark out and the roads are still icy, We are heading out on a family trip. I'm back in the car, on the same bridge. What's going on? There is a deer on the bridge! Dad swerves to avoid it. The car drags and flips. The whole family is terrified. The car finally stops sliding and I open my eyes and I process what had just happened. We crashed, and we were upside down. I immiadiatly thought about my brother. I manuvered out of the seat belt and got my brother out, I went to get my parents, but they were not waking up. I was terrified and called for help. When no one answered I searched for my parents phones. I dialed 911 while I went to hold my brother and just sobbed.

I sat straight up in my bed crying and realized I must've been crying for a while because my pillow was soaked. The morning after that terrible dream I called every family member we would normally have Thanksgiving with and we arranged the plans. Everyone would come to our house this year. After that planning mess of going around everyone's schedule, I went to the farm up the road to grab the job. They gave me a schedule of the days I would have to work and sent me on my way. Everything was going right. That afternoon I took Liam to his favorite play, Pride and Prejudice, for a suprise at the local theatre. It was the first I had seen him smile like that in a while. Life was going good.

All the family had arrived over the week and tomorrow was Thanksgiving! We, being me grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins, spent the whole day preparing food and getting the house ready. That night, after all the hard work was done, the whole family sat in the living room and exchanged memories of Mom and Dad. It's fair to say everyone cried, but we cried together and that's what family is there for. To be there when you're down and to pick you up.

Thanksgiving was amazing! We all played games outside while we waiting for my grandparents to be done cooking. I played football with the smaller kids while the adults played lawn darts. When the food was done, everyone ran inside to grab a seat first. We all sat and talked about what's been going on while eating the amazing food. Liam and the kid cousins rushed to finish so they could go back outside and play more football. It was great seeing him like that! Happy, laughing, and playing. I am so grateful for this beautiful and wonderful family!

There on out, everyone always came to our house for Thanksgiving! We went on, living our lives, coping with loss, and being loved by our growing family.

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7 Jan, 2018
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4 mins
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