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Hidden love.

Hidden love.

By lover123

Misty Rember walked down the hallway to the open world.Her best friend,Tyler Jenson walked next to her.His brown boots clip-clopped on the faux marble floor.His blue eyes looked at her longingly.He loved her with all his heart,but she was dating some football jerk named Joshua Spnick.
She looked at himthe same way.She loved him with such greatness,that it should be illegal,but she also loved Josh the same way.She looked at his swinging hand,holding herself back from holding it.She wanted to kiss his pale lips,hold his muscled body and cuddle next to him on the coldest nights.
They reaxhed the bus and sat next to eachother.They lived in the same block,right next door to eachothe.Misty dug in her backpack and grabbed he Ipod out.She put one headphone in her ear and asked Tyler if he wanted to listen,since they both loved the same kind of music,as if they were meant for eachother.He thankfully put the thing in his ear and they listened to the music.
Misty looked at his handsome body as he talked to his friend across the aisle.He lifted his plaid shirt to the top rib as he showed his buddy his scar from the rodeo,where the bulls horn stabbed an inch into him.
She saw his rippling ab muscles,which seemed only possible in the movies,but she knew it was from holding wild bulls back and trying to wrangle them and tame them.She wanted to just kiss him as hard as she could,but she couldn't,since he was her closest friend.
Tyler's phone rang.It was his mother.
"Tyler,I am not at home yet,so go to Mist's house until I get gome,O.K?"she said."O.k good,bye,"she hung up before Tyler could even say anything.
"Misty,I have to go to your house 'till my mom gets here,is that o.k?"he said.
"Yeah,it's fine,"she said.
The bus stopped and the two along with six other teens got off.Misty and Tyler walked through the door to the annoying sound of the phone ringing.Misty ran to the one in her room and picked it up.
"Hello?"she said.
"Misty?"Josh's voice asked.
"Yeah,hi baby,"she said.
"Misty,I found someone new,were breaking up,sorry,"he said and hung up.Misty dropped the phone and started to cry.Her face was buried in the pillow,and she heard the phone beeping.She slid down into the corner and cried.She could hear Tyler's footsteps coming down the hall.His face appeared in the doorway.He saw her in the corner crying.He raced to her side and wrapped his arms around her.He looked at her tear ridden face.
"Whats wrong?"he asked.
"Josh broke up with me.He found someone else,"she said.He grabbed a tissue and wiped a tear off of her pale face.She hugged him close to her and she buried her face in his chest.She started feeling less sad.She felt safe in his strong arms.She stopped crying,but continued hugging him.He kept his arms around her too,feeling that this was how it was supposed to be.She looked up into his face and kissed his lips.She pulled away shyly and turned a bright red.She turned away from his face,not wanting to see his reaction,but she finally looked at him.He was shocked,but in a good way.She turned around and faced him.She kissed him again,but they held eachother closely and held it.She was happy,since she no longer had to hide her feelings,and he didn't either.

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About This Story
14 Nov, 2010
Read Time
3 mins
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