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Hide and Hell
Hide and Hell

Hide and Hell


I moved in with my adopted parents when I was three years old. They have always been really involved in the church and kind of push it onto all three of their daughters, including me. I am now 16 and have asked multiple times what made them believe and they always say, "we just have been to hell and back." I never thought anything of this until I went to hell and back, almost literally.

It was a couple years back, maybe four years, when all hell broke loose. Cabinets started falling on my head, glass bottles found broken in my bed, bruises appearing when I woke up in the mornings, near death experiences and so much more. I'm going to share with you the night it was the worst.

I was home alone, well no, I was babysitting the kids of the couple that went on a double date with my parents while my sisters were at the Friday Night game. I made the kids dinner but failed when the pan with the ravioli caught on fre. If you know anything about chemicals and science, that doesn't just happen to metal. I used the sprayer from the sink to put it out and sent my mom a text about what had happened. NO answer! We then decided to play a game of hide and seek while we waited for the chicken nuggets to get done in the oven. As I was about to finish counting, I heard what sounded like screeching tires in front of the house. I didn't think anything of it because I live in the hood and dumb kids race down my road all the time. I soon regretted this decision.

I found the two oldest, Jae and Claire, the quickest. They then said they were bored with the game and went and turned on the TV. I continued to look for Ava, the youngest, as they watched me intently but in a confused way. I then asked if they knew where Ava was and they merely said 'no.' I continued the search for about twenty more minutes until Claire asked 'what the hell' I was doing. I told her I was looking for Ava and she asked me if that was the name of my favorite stuffed animal. That is when I knew that something was going on, something bad. I thought back to that car and immediately called my mom. Nobody would fucking answer.

My parents eventually came home and the Johnson's went back to their's too. That night I heard the whispers, children laughing at unaudible secrets. I was 15 at the time and I don't have any younger siblings. I put the blanket over my head and eventually fell asleep. The next morning, it looked like I had recently gotten in a huge, violent fight due to the bruises on my jaw and a black eye. On a scale of 1-5 and 5 being the worst condition of bruises, they were a 4, but they didn't hurt even if I slapped them.

This continued for days, weeks even. I would have bruises on my shins, ribs, and arms. The nurse at school repetitively questioned if I was being abused but I just informed her that I bruised really easily. I didn't know what to do and knew no one would believe me. The next night was the night that I truly began to believe... in hell at least.

The night started off with me coming home to an empty house after a night out with friends. I asked Katie, my very best friend, to hang out with me until my parents returned. I wish I wouldnt have done that, poor Katie. I made us brownies and we sat down and started watching some TV. We both went up to my room after a few minutes to look for my phone that had disappeared earlier that day. We were laughing about something that had happened while we were out and suddenly noticed the television was changing channels downstairs.

"Hi mom, hi dad," I yelled as we ran down the stairs to greet them only to find they were no where to be found. We were alone, or so I wish now that we really were. The channels changed at an impossible speed and seemed to have caused the TV to come crashing to the ground seconds later. Glass flew up in the air and I saw the individual rainbows of each and every reflection. Except for one. One single shard that reflected something different. Something familiar, a familiar face. The face of Ava, the little girl that I played hide and seek with.

Katie saw it too and we both turned around expecting to find Ava. "Who was that?" Katie questions me. I just point at the litttle girl standing in front of us but soon realize I'm the only one that could see her. She rushes towards Katie but merely passes through her and comes towards me. She turned into this black dirt and began going through my chest in a tornado of thick dust. Katie rushed to my side because all she saw was me choking on something imperceptible to her. From that point on, I remember nothing of reality. I saw the 'Lake of Fire', Gahenna, and what looked like the Abyss of Hell itself. I was being clawed at by spirits that I could not see. I was bleeding and positive that this was the end to my 'picture-perfect' life. The only familiar face was Ava laughing and mocking me as I fell into pure nothingness. Everything faded from my sight for what seemed like years and turned out to be only a couple minutes.

I woke up back into reality to find Katie giving me mouth to mouth. Her phone sat beside her with a voice giving her directions on how to best keep me alive. As I awoke, I sat up very fast only to see Katie start choking on the same black smoke that I did moments before. I watched in horror as her body slowly disappeared into a red and white dust that I'm guessing symbolized her innocence. When all was said and done, I heard the screeching tires again and knew that they were an important part of my story. I hear these tires very often and to this day Katie is a missing person. I cannot share my story, no one would believe me.

Another girl, Julia came to me the other day and I don't know what to do! I will keep you updated on any events or visits to hell.

Author Notes: This is fictional story while being based on my personal life as well. Thanks for Reading! I hope you enjoy(ed)

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7 Apr, 2018
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