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High School Dormitory

High School Dormitory

By Elainee - 1 Review

CHAPTER 1: The Begining

I was just walking to my new high school. I was nervous. I'm scared that my old friends won't be there. At my old high school they say they wanted to go to the same high school as mine. The name of the high school was....


I stepped in to the school. I was early so i took my locker keys and put my bag there. I just wandered around the school looking at the facilities. When suddenly someone hugs me from behind

"Who's there-"

"Alex! We're at the same school!"

It was my friend, Mina.

"Mina! You got on the same school! How's your morning?"

We talked and talked a lot because we haven't seen each other for a month!

"By the way, do you any of our other friends at the same school?" I asked.

"Oh yeah sure! Jeff, Lauren, Jace, The twins, Sora, Xavier, Ayu and Joe.

I was relieved that my friends were there. But hearing the name 'Joe' made my brain race to the past remembering what he did to me......

9 years ago....

"You think i would let a crybaby play SKATEBOARD?! Are you joking?!

"B-But i wan't to try-"

"Tch. I don't care, you just a weak boy!"

He scratched my arm with his nails (yes his nails are veey sharp!). It left me a scar that still lasted to this day. A stitch.

Present day...

"Oh great, Joe is here?!"

"Come one Alex, it's not like you're gonna be roommates, right?"

"You're on room 5270 with Mr.Joe Johnson, Mr.Sora Tachibana and Mrs.Ayu Putri."

"OH COME ON!! Isn't there any other dorms left?"

"I'm sorry Mr.Alex, there's no other rooms left."

Mina approached me.

"Hey Al. What's the problem?"

"'Come on Alex, it's not like you're going to be roommates, right?' Yeah, thanks a lot Mina!"

"Owh.... Sorry... You're with Joe?"

"Yeah... Well, atleast Ayu and Sora is there."

"Well, i got Jeff, Lauren, and a girl called Maria."

"You're lucky. Well, i'm gonna go to my dorm. Bye."


I walked to my dorm. All along the way i was saying to myself; "Don't be a jerk, satu cool when you meet him...."

I finally arrived. I opened the door and there sitting Joe, not exactly sitting, more like..... Sleeping. I was annoyed just to see his face. So, just threw my bag to my bed, waking him up.

"Wha- wha-"

"Wake up sleepy head, it's noon."

"Oh, Alex Daves, the little crybaby-"

"Shut up Joe. You don't own me."

Joe stared at me annoyed. Then said;

" Just saying, i own top bunk."

"Your bag isn't even there."

"It is now." He said while throwing his bag to the top bunk.


"Woy! Kalian bisa diem gak sih!"

"What did she said?" Joe asked.

"She told is to shut up! Iya, iya kita diem.."

"Nah gitu dong, aku mau belajar, jangan berisik, kuhantuin nanti malam!"(Thats more i like it, i gonna learn dont be noisy, or i'll haunt you tonight!)

"Iya Ayuu..."(Ok Ayuu) I said trying to stand her cute little expresion.

"Now what did you and her just said?"

"Whatever, i don't care."

I slamed my self to the bed, amd i checked my phone. 5 new messages.

Minananaa: Hey guys! Wanna come over to my dorm?

Xavy: Sounds cool.

LaurenzCool: Ok!

SoraChibana : Yoshi!

GeorgiaGal: Sounds great! Can i bring George?

Minananaa: It's ok!

Me: I'm coming!

I took my phone and wallet (just in case) and went to Mina's dorm. But before i left...

"Oi, where are you going?"

"None of your bussiness Joe. Ayu, you coming?"

" Nah, no thanks. Be carefull!"

I left my dorm and i walked to Mina's dorm. At the hallway i stopped. I opened my phone and texted Mina

Me: Uuh... Mina..?

Minananaa: Yeah?

Me: Where is your room exactly?

Minananaa: You forgot? It's room 1709, 3rd floor.

Me: Thanks!

After i arrived at Mina's dorm, Xavier, Sora, and Lauren was already there. We waited for the others. When they arrived we started talking, then we play games, and went back to our dorms.

At my dorm...

"Jeez, what took you so long, Alex?"

"Why do you even care?"

"Uuh... Just wanting to know. By the way Ayu's watching Titanic. She said she never watched it." Joe said the last word whispering.

"H-H-Huweee.... So sad...."

"Yup, thats her."

I layed down on the couch playing games on my phone. When suddenly the lights turned off.

I started to panic. My heartbeat racing, sweating and painfull memories from the past came back.

I was only 11 that time, when the lights turned off, and suddenly someone was behind me held me and said "don't scream." Of course i screamed because i was so scared

He was pissed off, and told his men to bring my parents and my younger sister infront of me.

"I told you not to scream. Now, this is the concequences."

He shot them. Infront of my eyes.

"Mom.... Dad.... Annie....G-gunshot.."

I said mumbling.

"Hey, hey, are you okay"

"N-no... Man... Shot... Family..

I almost passed out, but Joe did something that i thought he would never do...

To Be continued...



Author Notes: If any of you find any story that is similiar with this i am sorry, and it is just a coincidence.
Thank You

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23 Mar, 2020
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