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TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Imagine rising in synch with the sun,
Heading out the door for my morning run --

Drinking a smoothie for energy and health,
Brainstorming for ways to generate wealth --

Feeling refreshed as I stand in the shower,
Reclaiming my power by each and every hour --

Getting dressed and ready for success,
Mastering stress and making progress --

Conceiving ideas and practical solutions,
Achieving all my goals and resolutions --

Looking for ways to better myself,
And the lives of my loved ones as well --

Thinking of tricks to enhance my existence,
Overcoming barriers and stubborn resistance,
Taking the next steps to cover the distance,
Demanding more from Life than mere subsistence --

Smiling big and living large,
At last feeling that I am in charge --

Making friends and having fun,
Highly productive by getting things done --

Reaching peak levels of health and fitness,
Making my mark on the world of business --

Looking and living on the bright side,
Taking each day in carefree stride --

Working on my mood and attitude,
Tackling each day with heartfelt gratitude --

Expecting good news and positive results,
Mastering every thought and fleeting impulse --

Piercing the veil of cosmic secrecy,
Vibrating at a much higher frequency --

Demanding the best and refusing to settle,
Taking my game to the next level --

Turning bad into good and curses into blessings,
Reframing all my "failures" into positive lessons.

© Matt Decker

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Matt Decker
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21 May, 2018
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1 min
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