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Highschool Girlz Chapter 1

Highschool Girlz Chapter 1

By yottiemcscottie

Rebbeca Carrington strode into Blackwell High for the first time. With a bookbag full of fresh,new books, she found her locker number 147, A boy with sandy blonde hair stood at locker 148.

He glanced at her. ",Hi...I'm Dylan!" he said.

Rebbeca smiled shyly at him. "I'm Rebbeca. I'm new." She wagged the schedule in his face ",See?"

He snatched the paper out of her hands. ",I see....your first class is Advanced Math. Me too!" he handed her the paper.
She held out her hand and smiled shyly. ",Take me to class?

As soon as he grabbed her hand, a body broke between them. Rebbeca heard the sound of smacking lips and she looked up, dazed.

"Hey baby, how are you?" Brook Manders stroked her boyfriend's cheek.
Dylan gently removed her hand and she swayed her hip.

"Um, hellooooo? God, Dyl! I'm your girlfriend, show some respect!"
"PDA,"giggled Rebbeca, unaware of what happened next. A slim body shoved her against the lockers and she fell onto the floor.

Savannah Slankerd snatched her friend into her arms. Brook hugged her back and they squealed.

"Shopping in Paris?" Savannah asked wryly. "Doubt it!"Brook laughed to herself.
Getting lost into their previous year, they began to sing a chant they made up.

"Get lost! Double loser! Whateva? Duh? Juicy Couture, mansion tours! Buy it up! Ching, ching, ching! Boys callin'! Ring ring RING!"
Giggling as they slapped hands, Savannah turned to Rebbeca.

Growling, Savannah towered over Rebbeca. "Who are YOU?" she snapped.

"Rebbeca Carrington." she mumbled ", You?"

"Savannah Slankerd, don't-cha ya know?"

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24 Mar, 2012
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1 min
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