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Hilarious Painful Dream
Hilarious Painful Dream

Hilarious Painful Dream

CrypticDoyinsolaCryptic Doyinsola
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Finally, I found love
Just like the way of Hollywood movies,
Just going to my department to attend my class,
I was engrossed with my phone not gazing at my path
Accidentally, I bumped into the most elegant and ravishing girl I've ever seen in my life,
Instantly, I lost myself for 30 seconds staring immensely at her
Her lips were mind-blowing,
Her hair wasn't from this planet Earth
Her eyes were looking heavenly!
I came back to reality and remembered that her books had fallen...
Immediately, I aided in picking up the books, then I stammered like a fool and said,
" I..I.....aamm am sssooorryy" and she smiled and said,
"Don't worry, I should have focused on my path as well, we're both at fault"
Gosh, her set of teeth were just perfect and white as snow....

At that moment, I was having the best day of my life speaking with her.
I introduced myself and she said that her name was Priyanka..
So fortunately for me, we were going to the same destination.
Then we had a very long talk, I made her laugh uncontrollably that she forgot that she was talking to a stranger she just met, I could see it, I wasn't blind, she was falling in love with me, it was written all over her..

In no time, our ship docked and she said, "Thank you, you're so sweet" and she asked , Can I peck you?
Jeez!, I'm almost died and said yes with passion
And she moved her magnificent lips towards my cheek and she was close to kiss them,
Then I heard a voice shouting my name, "Frank!, Frank!! Frank!!, will you stand up and go and flush the toilet that you excreted into?"...

OMG!, It was Chris's voice I heard
I woke up with pain and tears in my eyes and found that it was all a dream..

Author Notes: Please comment on the story. Thanks in anticipation

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Cryptic Doyinsola
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12 Dec, 2020
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1 min
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