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Him on the Other End So Far Ahead
Him on the Other End So Far Ahead

Him on the Other End So Far Ahead


Dear Diary -

I’m on the other end and he so far ahead ,

why does there has to be this gulf ?

Could the heaven not make him slightly turn ?

So I too could make him go crazy and nuts ,

Of the happy kind with me on his mind ,

Gossshhh ! I wish I could turn his smiles towards me,

Make him listen to my endless dreams ,

And he would love to share my chocolate creams,

I’m so upset with you all - heaven somewhere ,

If I couldn’t make him mine then why did you made my brain get hooked on him ?

That’s so rude and mean ,

So listen ! do make him turn ,

Let his eyes catch mine ,

And make his thoughts dream a dream of me ,

And please don’t ever make him cold with blue and green,

He looks so adorably good in colours and cream,

He walks and talks like cotton wool ,

Like something pure stitched with care ,

His voice makes me lose mine ,

He makes me go giddy and blush ,

I had always been that confident girl,

but he makes me feel like a teenage girl

Damn! He has no clue ,

of me writing him in my crude words ,

I wish when and if he reads them all,

He turns red with a grin,

on his baby like face which shines brighter in day.

Dear diary -

Now my lids are heavy ,

so I will take your leave,

and if I come by him tomorrow ,

I’ll return to you with my new dreams.

Author Notes: Diary - That’s intense
Me - ssshhh! Keep it a secret
Diary - Always

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25 Jul, 2019
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1 min
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