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By Roxsey123

"I'm done." I whispered to myself.
The sky was painted an array of pink, orange, and yellow. The clouds held a promise of a calm and peaceful night and the pale glow of the moon was starting to show. The frigid wind made the bright, crispy leaves dance around me as I sat against an old oak tree. 
Ryan just sat there and looked at me with sorrow. His eyes drifted down my face as a tear left my eye. His dark brown eyes looked at me with the hope I would get better.
"I'm sorry" He whispered as he bent his head down looking at the hands that once held mine. He was scared and disappointed. He grabbed my wrists, which were covered in scars, and took a black pen out of his pocket. He started to draw butterflies and hearts where my scars were. 
"Ryan, please stop. You know I don't like it when you do that." I said as I tried to release my arms from his tight grip. He paused for a moment, then proceeded to draw. 
I didn't want to fight, I was too tired. My eyes drifted to the field full of different colored leaves, each one with a unique pattern. 
"You know Ryan, I wanted to do so much with my life, and I just gave up." I looked back at him.
"You know, you can always come back to school. Everyone misses you."
"Yeah, but what about being so far behind."
"Abby, look at me." His smile was so genuine. "You'll find a way, you always do."
I giggled. "That was so cliche..." But that was why I liked him so much.  
He laughed, and let go of my arm. I looked down at it smiling. 
At that very moment I realized something. I loved him. I loved him so much. He was perfect to me. 

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25 Nov, 2014
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