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His First Kiss; Her First Love (Chpt. 9)

His First Kiss; Her First Love (Chpt. 9)

By Kat - 2 Reviews

Grinning to herself, Mindy got ready for the day. It was the first Monday in history she had felt so.... awake. Mindy let her thoughts fly as she absorbed herself into the activities of the day. She had been so caught up in her own mid, she hadn't heard the knock at her door.
"Mindy?" She heard him shout.
Shouldn't he be on duty? Mindy thought, running up to the door. "Coming!"
When she opened the door, a relieved looking Tom stood, panting. He embraced her, running his fingers through her hair. "Thank goodness your okay!"
Mindy hugged him back, confusion keeping her arms slightly numb. "What's the matter?"
Tom pulled her away, looking her in the eye. "Mindy, you haven't heard?"
Mindy shook her head, mind racing. "What is wrong?" She repeated.
Tom sat her down on the couch, and turned on the television. A reporter stood in front of the university, a grave expression on her face. Horror struck Mindy in the heart as she saw what was behind her. The university had collapsed walls, charred brick, and tons of bodies littered the floor.
He reporter was still talking. "There has been an attack on the University, so far thirty have been found dead. The bombing was followed through by armed men...."
Mindy's breaths came harshly. What if she had gone early? What if she had been there? What if Tom had been nearby?
Mindy gulped, and reached for the remote. She turned the television off, tears burning in her eyes. Tom held her as she curled up against him. Why?
"Who.... who did it?" Mindy finally asked.
Tom looked at her with a mixture of pity and sadness. "I don't know,"
Mindy felt the tears rolling down her cheeks now. Her professors had been in that part of the campus. Thirty have been found dead. The words echoed in her ears endlessly. So many lost lives. Families, friends, and associates were grieving, she knew it. Mourning the losses. The tears were followed by an ugly sounding sob, and it all escaped her. Why?
"Mindy?" Tom asked, stroking her hair with trembling fingers.
Tom held her tighter. "I'm glad you weren't there."
But Mindy wasn't. She wished she could replace one of them! At least one! She wished she could've done something! Thirty have been found, it echoed in her head, numbing her ears, drowning her thoughts with sorrows and guilt. She should've been able to do something. Anything!
"Why, Tom? Why?"

Author Notes: Sorry it's so short, please leave reviews!

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2 Feb, 2017
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