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His meassage to the world

His meassage to the world

By angel

Ok so befor I start my story I would like to say I am a Michael Jackson fan but dont you dare look at me any different. I do belive his death is a hoax but belive me or not I simply dont care!! please dont hate on Michael or me for loveing him thank you :)

Land fills, trash, is this our world? Is this why we where put on Earth? What have we done? Most of us on the planet are treating our world like its not important. Our kids are the next ones to take the world if we show them this now what next?? Will the world end or will it get worse? Come on people look around you our planet is dieing we need to stop in our tracks and look at the world and say to ourselves what have we done!! Only so far ONE man has done that and that man is Michael Jackson he wrote the song called Earth Song havent heard of it? Look it up

Do you not know that they are killing trees and animels?? The most wonderfull forest in the world is being torn apart beacuse of us! We need to plant more trees and clean the trash off the streets. Look at your child and say \"will our children have clean air to breath, healthy water to drink, a blue sky to look up at, animels to love and look at. This man Micheal Jackson has been hert and been be littled the people try to take his pride but he continued to protect our planet but all we did is just sit back and make fun until we \"killed\" him (haters).

People we need to start looking around and stop saying and start doing. Help our planet~if we sufer now we will kill our selves later. The time is running out and we are being stubern and need to get off our butts and start the L.O.V.E. We need to care for each other and help our planet our world could end tommarow or the next day. Get up and make our world one tree at a time :)

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9 Mar, 2010
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