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His part 1

His part 1

By obeythenerd

I was staring in to eyes . His light green blue eyes . I felt stupid just fell down a flight of stair . The good part was that I got to hold his hand . Well not exactly  he just help me up.I felt this jolt of happiness it did not last very long . I passed out  from the head trauma .Next thing I knew I was in the hospital . I was okay just kidding I had sprained my leg and broke my arm . Yeah ,  i was not fine . When I went back to school everyone was staring a me . I was wearing my new blue crop top and my new green sexy pants . Yeah I went to the mall .  Just kidding  I was in a fudging wheelchair . Well most girls have a mean girls have mean boys . Dean Harping  the most evilest person I have every met . He spreads rumors about me and  beats me up i mean literally beats me up . Anyway my best friend Harry, ( he is gay so no drama that friend department so he doesn't like me    ) he likes my crush too ,so we don't talk about him . The best part about my injuries in was that I didn't have to do work. I felt happy and then some how I got detention for rolling over someone's foot .  My crush came and asked how I was I said fine .  I was not fine as I stated . So yeah my week was horrible . Till next time wait this is not a sitcom so peace . 

                                Writing , Allie  

Author Notes: not a real story

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18 May, 2014
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1 min
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