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Home is Hell 2

Home is Hell 2

By akreal2012

It’s been two days since the last time i was alone. I've had peace and everything been right with the world. But the day is coming soon when my joy will completely ripped from my soul, the day when i finally know the reason behind my consent abuse.
I have my own room and I’m not scared to sleep alone. They never bother me when other people are home so what's the point staying up in fear.
I close my eyes ready for a good night sleep when i hear a noise. My eyes pop open and i look around. I call my sisters name. Sometimes she gets scared and comes and sleeps with me but there was no respond.
"Oh it was nothing, just the wind" i say to myself but i know that wasn't true. I could feel them in my room and don't understand why there here.
In a rough nasty low growl they say my name and shivers go down my spine.
I feel one of them getting closer. I close my eyes and put a hand over my mouth to block the scream, but them it came to me. If i scream my mom will come in and finally see that I’m not crazy, she'll finally see the reason why i don't EVER want to be alone.
I take the hand from over my mouth and let out the loudest scream that could ever come from me. When i finally stop my lungs burned but nobody came. I didn't even hear foots steps in the house. Now a new fear has entered me. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY FAMILY?? Tears start to well up in my eyes but before they could start, a voice from the corner of the room said
"They can't hear, but if you try that again......"
And at that very moment i felt a mixture of things. I felt relieved that my family was ok but i was more scared for my life then I’ve ever been.

I look in the corner and don't see a thing. I turn my head to look straight and see this black figure with shallow red eyes that look like they are engulfed with an everlasting fire. I see nothing but those eyes. He moved forward but stops. My hearts beating so fast it feels like it’s gonna pop at my chest. He opens he's mouth and say's something but i don't hear it. I just nod me head without realizing it. The next thing he says breaks me out of my trance, because what he said was so not what i was expecting to hear.
"Take off your clothes"
"What" spits out my mouth without a moment of thought.
“I’ve waited thousands of years for you”
My hand moves without my control. I start to unbutton my night shirt. I look up at him and his form transforms before my eyes he went from this demon like create to this nude beautiful god like man. My shirt is off and my boobs are exposed.
“Is this form better for you?”
“Umm Yea but what the fuck is going on”
“Every thousand years or so a human is born that is able to withhold the ability to birth a child from a create such as me”
“An you’re saying I’m that human”
“Huh, but how did you I’m the one, how did you find me” I’m surprised at how calm I’ve become.
“It doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that I did, and it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been watching you. Had my guards protect you and make sure that you don’t go anywhere that I can’t find you.”
“So that was you, do you realize the hell they put me through!!”
“Yes I do, and I apologize for their behavior they were supposed to stay hidden and never touch you but they don’t like humans very much so they were just having alil fun”
“Alil fun, alil fun, they had me think my life was in danger when they were really keeping me alive”
“Unbelievable and now you expect me to sit here and let you in pregnant me with some demon baby”
“Well it doesn’t matter if you want to or not but it will happen, its destiny”
“……Ok……………………so does this work just as it would between me and human or is it different” I say mesmerized by his new beautiful form.
He doesn’t say. He walks around the bed, and I see something that made this whole experience so much better.
He moves the hair from my neck and leaves his hand there. He looks me in the eyes and though his eyes aren’t like before I can still see the fire in them.
“I’ve wait for what feels like forever for this moment not knowing what to expect, thinking that you would disgust me like every other human but you don’t. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would feel the way I do.”
“And how is that” I ask
A few moments have past and he still hasn’t said anything. He moves slowly towards my lips until his meet my. He kisses me like no other and surprisingly I kiss him back (from his control I’m not so sure).
He slowly takes off the rest of my clothes and I don’t fight back and not because I’m under his control but because I want him. He gets on top of me and he enters my now wet virgin. He starts off slow but then starts to thrust harder and harder.
I kept having orgasm after orgasm and he hasn’t cum. But by my third he finally came then he got up and became to walk away.
“Wait, where are you going” I said with sadness in my voice.
“I have to go back, my work is done”
“So your just gonna leave me, that’s it”
“I have to, I have no choice” He says walking back towards me with a new yearning in his eyes.
“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, come back” I say moving over and patting the space next to me.
He walks back over and lies right next to me. He puts his arm around me and I lay on his chest. I feel his chin on my head. I move and look up at him. He looks down at me. In his eye’s I see the same thing I feel. I see that we’re both changed forever.

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About This Story
7 Mar, 2012
Read Time
5 mins
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