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Hoops Through My Heart

Hoops Through My Heart

By tresenumerouno

Ana was never the most popular girl in school and she can't even say that she's the smartest. She's the type of person who wouldn't want much attention on herself, the kind who takes comfort when nobody noitices her. She's shy and timid and so her existence on school was barely noticed.

Days passed but no significant thing happen. She was happy the way the things were until she fell in love with her school's ace basketball player, Jim. He is the kind who wouldn't take notice of her even just for a bit. She fell in love with his confidence, the way he carry his self through the crowd. She also love that he doesn't care about anything else except his passion for his craft, basketball.

She's on the same class with him, and not a moment pass that she wouldn't caught herself looking at his direction. The more that she get to know him the more she wanted him to notice her. But looking at her current status now she guess that wouldn't happen.

She wanted to know him more so she read more about basketball, she also watch a lot games. She even bought a ball so she could practice. She wanted to know how he felt when he's playing.

Jim was walking to his house when he notice a girl playing ball at her yard. She recognized her. She was a girl from his class and her name was Ana. She's very shy and timid and he didn't know why. She was pretty, specially when she looks at you with her big round eyes. It makes you want to get lost on it. She's so mesmerizing. And that kind of beauty shouldn't be shy at all.

He doesn't know if she notice him because she's kind of oblivious on her sorrounding. He's quite curious on why she's playing ball because he doesn't see her as an athletic type and looking at how she plays she doesn't seem to have any experience at all. His curiousity gets to him so approached her.

"Hey, Ana!" he greeted.

She looked quite surprised when she looked at him.

"You know me?" she asked on a confused voice.

He also got confused.

"Am i not supposed to know you? We are on the same class, right? And you sit two chairs away from me." he answered.

She nodded.

Ana was surprised that Jim knows her. She was also delighted that he did.

"So, Ana, you play ball?" he asked.

She was thinking on telling him the truth or not.

"No," she answered.

Jim figured she didn't, but why did she play?

"It's because of this guy," she continued. "He's a really great basketball player. I want to know him more so I wanted to know how he felt when he plays, how he must felt when the ball goes through the hoops successfully, when he wins or when he lose. And now it looks like i haven't got any luck."

He thought that whoever that guy was, is so damn lucky. Everybody just know that he plays good ball. But nobody attempted to know why he chose this sport. Nobody knows what he feels when he plays, when he wins or when he lose. Nobody even bother to ask. But this girl, goes to the extent of trying the sport just know the guy, just to know how he feels. And whoever that guy is was even more lucky because the way this girl looks when she explained it to him makes him want to wish it was him she's referring to.

"Let's make a deal." he deaclared.


"Yes, shoot at least one hoop on five trials. I'll help you to know how he feels."

She agreed. She know she could do it. She got few successful shots on her practice. And even if she failed, at least she spent time with the guy she loved.

She already tried four times and none of them was successful. She put all her might on the last shot. Her heart was beating fast as she watch the ball hit the ring. The time when the ball fell out of the ring was the same time her tears flow from her eyes. There goes her hope. She wouldn't get know more about him.

"Ana," he said.

She didn't notice when he got on her side.

"Before that last ball hit the ring, I've already decided that I wont help you to know how he feels. I don't care about that guy anymore. I'll make you love me. Let me tell you how I feel when I play, when I win or when I lose. And most of all how I feel about you. Ana, I love you. Since the first day I've met you, I've love you. You're eyes, the way you smile and the way you spoke. And even your name when I say it. Ana, give me the chance to be that guy."

She covered her mouth, she was too surprised to even utter a word. Her tears won't even stop even if her happiness is overflowing. He got to know the what she really felt.

"Jim, the guy I'm talking about is... you."

Without any more words said he hugged then kissed her. Call it holding foul but he's definitely not letting go.

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About This Story
26 May, 2011
Read Time
4 mins
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