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By voice4u

their once was this girl who was living with her aunt that treated her like garbage she had no mom and or dad they and she had no idea what had happened to her parents so she asked her aunt and her aunt told her YOU LITTLE RAT GO BACK AND DO YOUR WORK YOU PATHETIC WEASEL!!!!! then the little girl ran off crying.but everytime when the girl would get in the morning she would pray to god asking him for wisdom and hope, and everynight before she goes to bed she would pray and give thanks to god for her hope and wisdom that had came ,but since the aunt did not like going to church and praying she had told the little girl not ever pray or even speak the word of god it her house ever again but the little girl did not care about that or what the consequences were going to be because she had hope that god is going to deliever her out off her tribulation. this little girl had hope, she had hope for her future she kept on praying morning and night. she had,hope that somewhere somebody would take her out of her evil aunts house.4 years later an unknown car pulled in to the drive way and a 3 men in suits that called them selfs C.P.S came to the door and she knew that her prayers had been aswered and her troubles are gone thanks to god. after all that she kept praying to god thanking him and giving her hope.

Author Notes: this girl had hope that god would get her out of her miserable aunts house she never stopped praying for hope and thanking god. we should have the same idea as that little girl and pray out trouble away it may take time for it to happen but you should always have faith and hope .

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30 Jul, 2013
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