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Hopeless Love

Hopeless Love

By Julialemony - 1 Review

Every hour that passed, every day that crawled by, my love for you grew stronger and stronger. My heart grew with passion and greater desires with each message that I recieved from you. You have never realized it, you were simply blinded through the screen. My eyes would have revealed it all, my smile and giggle would have spoken those three words “I love you”. But, you don't see my amber gleaming eyes, my smile, that have an urge to spill it all out to you. The letters that spell out words are all that you see, hiding my inner feelings for you like a treasure chest full of jewels, buried in the ocean. Words trapped in a screen could be reevaluated, retyped and organized in a way to control how you truly feel of a person. For that reason, you don't see the love and care that I keep hidden from you, waiting for that one day, that I may reveal it all to you. My heart yearns to hear your voice, to hear your blissful laughs and most of all to see your heart warming smile. I dream of the day that our eyes may meet, and as if under a spell it is impossible to break the stare of wonder, desire and love. The stare, giving us the opportunity to pass the secret message to each others heart that we read and truly believe, passing a simple, single message of “I love you”. However, I can only dream and hope that someday it will happen.
As night falls upon the city, I might as well let my heart shed tears of sadness, tears of disappointmen, tears of regret, knowing that I am not near you, and am millions and millions of miles away from you...on the other side of the world.

Author Notes: Please rate and leave comments for things I should improve on.

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3 Apr, 2016
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