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Hoppy's Happy
Hoppy's Happy

Hoppy's Happy

TheDeckerEdgeMatt Decker

Here's a happy hopper you should meet
Who happily hops on happy feet.
This happy hopper is named Hoppy
And Hoppy is happy as can be.

Happily hopping through his habitat,
Hoppy interacts with a jumper named Jack.

Now this jumpin' Jack is a jackrabbit
And this rabbit Jack doesn't have it,
Jack lacks Hoppy's happy habit.

"Here now, Hoppy,
How so happy?,"
Jibber jabbered Jack,
Jaws jangling like that.

"I don't see even one carrot.
So that goofy grin,
Why do you wear it?"

Hoppy's honey Bonnie Bunny
And her BFF Heather Feathers
(Bird Friend Forever)
They didn't get it either.

"What makes you so happy, Hoppy?
We look around, we see
The same leaves, trees and buzzy bees.
You live in the same world as we.
So where, Hoppy, is our happy?"

The serene scene suddenly spins solemn
So Hoppy happily hands his knowledge:

"Over there! Right here!
Happy is truly here!
When you really look,
Happiness appears."

The curious creature characters confer in confusion
As Hoppy hopes to hammer home his happiness conclusion.

"Happiness is a habit,"
Says happy Hoppy the rabbit.
"You can have it like I have it
If you go after it and grab it
(Like going after a carrot)
And tap it through the havoc."

The jackrabbit Jack at that
Jibber jabbers back in fact,
"Gibberish and gobbledygook!
Hooey and hullabaloo!
If you want me to buy your book,
You got some 'splaining to do!"

Tickled at the thinking of the three,
Hoppy happily hands them the key:

"Happiness isn't a thing,
Happy is a think!
Yes, it is a mindset
(The ultimate carrot)
Do you get it yet?
Happy is what you choose.
What do you have to lose?
You will not lose
If happy you choose."

Happy events were sent then went
But Hoppy's still happy since
He knows they will show again
To his happy heart's content.

Hoppy is happy
Happy as can be
For, you see, he
Has made up his m-i-n-d
To be.

© Matt Decker

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Matt Decker
About This Story
5 Jun, 2018
Read Time
1 min
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