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By cookiee

Horatio the war horse
It started like any other working day. We had our feed at 6:00, drills at 7:30, a ride in the field at 9:30,but then we heard shouting and footsteps followed by the sound of our jingling tack. Suddenly the person who I adored most (Joey Lewis)plonked the heavy leather saddle on my back.I opened my mouth obediently to allow the bit to be placed comfortably inside it.Next Joey grabbed his sword from where he had left it and mounted my back.This must mean WAR.

Once we were out into the open air and away from the dusty stables a feeling of bravery took over my whole body.Our leader, Sir John,lined us up. Thankfully I was next to my two best friends, Winston a 16.2hh Arab and Wellington a handsome bay gelding. The thought of my friends beside me sent an extra surge of courage into my mind, then with a slight squeeze of Joey’s heels,we were off.

We cantered along a dry, dusty track for about 20 minutes before coming to a massive open and sandy piece of land. It must have gone straight for at least 15miles.As soon as we travelled further into the patch of land we could hear gunshots and cannon fire. Joey pushed me onwards further and further into the battle. Before long I was forced to jump over the dead and wounded but with Joey pushing me onwards I felt indestructible. Next a gun fired in our direction and Wellington fell to the floor. Sadness overwhelmed my whole body: the loss of my friend slowed me down and made me less aware of my surroundings.Suddenly Joey fell to the floor with a heavy thud.Although I was terrified, I had to run away Just Keep Moving I told myself. I cantered forward for about half a mile before side tracking to the left towards some woods. I cantered through the woods until I was under cover and then I stopped and tried to calm down.

An hour must have passed before a shadow emerged from the battle ground and I suddenly realised it was Winston, rider-less and scared .After we had had a rest we decided to see what was on the other side of the woods and so Winston and I set off at a gentle walk. When we emerged on the other side of the woods there was a beautiful lake. Winston and I walked over to the lake and drank. The water felt cool on my lips and felt nice as it ran down my aching throat. Winston looked up across the lake and I did the same. Standing on the other side of the lake was a girl wearing a beautiful, flowing white dress, which was floating gracefully around her body. The girl was staring at us and then she began to walk around the lake towards us. When she finally reached us she patted us gently and her voice was kind. When she was looking at Winston I felt a terrible pain in my foot, I then realised that I must have trodden on a stone when I was running. The girl saw I was in pain and carefully lifted up my foot before pulling out a large and very sharp stone. Instanly my pain was gone and I felt I could trust her. Next she gently took mine and Winston’s reigns and led us towards a house on a nearby hill.

When we arrived at the house we saw that this was a nice place to live. The girl led us into the clean and airy stable block, which was just behind the house, and then she untacked me and Winston before walking to a small barn just visible from my stable. When she returned she was carrying hay and a young man was following her doing the same. The girl put some hay in my stable and the man put some in Winston’s stable. Next I heard the man say in a surprisingly kind and gentle way “They’re probably from the war on the other side of the woods,” the girl just nodded and walked away. Life at Blue Lagoon was peaceful and quiet.

I have now stayed a Blue Lagoon for 7 years and Natalie (the girl) is the kindest owner I have ever know. Winston loves it here an Mike (the young man) loves him with all his heart. I still can’t forget hearing the gun that killed Wellington or the sound of Joey making that horrible thud on the ground. Natalie and Mike ride us in the woods almost every day however sometimes they take us up on the hills behind the house. We graze in the field beside the lake. I couldn’t ask for more, my life is bliss.

Horatio xxx

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30 Nov, 2010
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4 mins
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