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Horror Shorts #4
Horror Shorts #4

Horror Shorts #4


It’s 1 a.m and air-raid sirens sound off.

I looked in the mirror and did repeated stretches. But when I raised my right arm, it raised it’s right arm.

"Just give me another day," the only child said.
"One day I'll give you,” the devil responded, “Otherwise I take your new-born baby brother."

Living alone, every time I walk down the basement steps, I sense another person is watching me go down and will close the door on me.

A broken heart he suffered.
So he thought to cut his away and get a new one to replace it.

I got bored and decided to go on
Why am I on there?

I trashed a painting of a happy clown that gave me creeps and moved-out experiencing strange stuff around the house.
The new house I bought furnished had the same clown painting, but was angry this time.

Whenever she went for a walk, she always saw a little girl up in attic window of her neighbor's house.
Little did she know, the girl was murdered five years ago by her neighbors.

Every night I had a sharp pain in bed on the back of my neck and this lasted a few nights in a row. So I decided to go to my doctor to get it checked out.
My doctor was shocked to pull out a finger that had cut and buried in my neck.

I awoke tied down on a surgery table.
There were taxidermied people surrounding me staring.

Her dead deformed face and neck slipped through the closet door shutters and her neck began to elongate, twist and turn stretching and cracking as she was reaching towards me.
I awoke to realize it was a dream, but heard the closet door vents open.

Author Notes: "They've promised that dreams can come true- but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too."
- Oscar Wilde

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5 Apr, 2021
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1 min
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