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House on EastBound Street
House on EastBound Street

House on EastBound Street


Bradey was crushing on Alex and hard but so was everyone else in the Metal Rod Ducks. The group consists of Zach the tough-looking guy but who’s, in reality, is a big old teddy bear, Jesse who was kinda quiet and dorky and didn’t say much but when he did it was always hilarious, Jax who whined a lot and sometimes Bradey wondered why he let him in the group but then remembers how good of a friend Jax is, Bradey was the leader and the most responsible and most chill person out of the group except when he had to stop everyone from chewing off each other’s heads, and then there’s Alex the only girl in the group and the major daredevil she loves doing anything to push her and everyone else’s limits. Their day started like any other summer day, they met by the pond under the big oak tree where they built their own picnic table the first summer they all got together. ( they even got it approved by the public park and recreations officials ) This meeting at the pond was different they were discussing the plans for the night. They decided that Jax’s older brother should come with just in case because of the area they would be going to. Bradey took charge.

"Guys we need to find a place to meet before tonight" Bradey was unsure of the plans for the night.

"How about the road on Eastbound?" Alex always came up with great ideas.

"I think that sounds good does anyone have any objections?"

"Jesse and I thought we could all just leave together a lot of weird things have happened around that area" Jax has always been a scaredy-cat.

"K" Alex rolled her eyes "Why do you always act like a baby?" Jax looked astonished and then looked around at the group no one had ever said it to his face they had only thought it in their heads.

"Look we'll never get through today and tonight if we start to argue" but that was just part of Bradey’s job, keeping everyone in check when they acted like that.

"My, my, my looks like we have a tough responsible guy right here with us tonight ladies and gents!"Xavier mocked Bradey.

"Just shut up Xavier for once in your life, god" there was a long moment of pause, Jax never stuck up for himself when it came to his brother."Let’s just go"

"Okay," the whole group mumbled and off they went to the house of EastBound Street.

When they got to the house everyone looked at the gigantic gate doors, which were very old you could tell because of the left one which was almost off the hinges, and the right one had vines growing all over it. A sturdy wall surrounded the entire place, vines grew over the wall as well. You could tell that everyone was kinda tense now and I don’t think this is what they all expected to see you could tell on Jax’s face especially he looked like he was gonna get sick.

“Well are we gonna go in or are we just gonna sit here and stare at it all night” Alex rolled her eyes and started to walk through the gate.

“Hold on a sec Alex,” Jesse noticed something weird about the one of the stones part of the path that leads up to the house “Do you see that stone right there with the handle hole cut of it?” Sure enough in one of the stones, there was a small enough cut for a hand to fit through.

“Someone should open it, or something” Jax didn’t have a good feeling about their plans for the night anymore

“Why don’t you do something about it then.” Xavier butted in “or are you gonna make the girl do all the work because you’re too much of baby to do so yourself.”

“I’ll do it, I want to do it.” he lied. Jax lifted the stone with the weird cutout and peered inside the hole big enough for someone to fit through. “I think someone might be able to fit down there”

“Okay, are you gonna go down?” Xavier asked his brother.

“No way are you kidding I opened it up, isn’t that enough?”

“Waa waa, pssh I’ll go down” Xavier made himself down the hole

“Just be careful” Jax called down to his brother.

A few minutes passed and Xavier made himself back to the top of the hole.

“So what did you see?” Alex asked eagerly.

“There is some kind of passageway down there with a staircase at the end which I think may lead somewhere in the house.” suddenly something pulled Xavier back “Guys!!!” he screamed as he was pulled back into the hole.

“Xavier” Jax called while he started to cry, “XAVIER!”

All of a sudden Xavier popped out of the hole and yelled “Boo” Jax jumped back still crying. “You should have seen your face, and your crying scream” he let out a rawr of laughter “priceless”

“What the hell dude that wasn’t funny” Bradey was tired of everyone’s crap.

“Just trying to have some fun, where did everyone else go” Xavier looked around and only saw Bradey and

Author Notes: This is a newer version of my "The House on EastBound Street"

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13 Dec, 2019
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