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How am I Feeling?
How am I Feeling?

How am I Feeling?

cindygrey629Cindy Lou T. Lawas

I feel lost but you found me.
I feel sad but you made me happy.
I feel alone but you kept me in your company.
I feel anxious but you took away my worries.
I feel unimportant but you treated me so special.
I feel weak but you saw my potentials.
I feel unsecured but you gave me protection.
I feel imperfect but you saw me as perfection.
I feel incomplete but you completed my missing piece.
I feel empty but you filled my life's emptiness
I feel scared but you stayed behind my back.
I feel uncared but you cared me a lot.
I feel coward but you made brave.
I feel unlove but you love me with all your heart.

How am I feeling?
I feel in love you from the day I found you to the day I will say I do.

Author Notes: Feelings are all temporary. There will be someone who turn every negative to positive.

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About The Author
Cindy Lou T. Lawas
About This Story
7 Oct, 2019
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<1 min
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