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How Could I Love You
How Could I Love You

How Could I Love You

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I looked at him with pleading eyes, my legs and lungs exhausted from running. I had ran for as long as I could. He had me cornered in an ally. Running wasn't an option this time. He blocked the only way out. Even if I did mange to pass him, and somehow outrun him (highly unlikely) I couldn't hide. He'd find me. He always did.

He looked at me with pitch black eyes I still thought were beautiful. But his stare was different. It was unwelcoming. Unloving. His tall slender build, and his perfect face sent a shiver through my body, despite the scorching sun that shone bright in the sky.

"Please," I begged trying to stop my body from shaking. "Please don't do this." I barely got the words out before my voice broke and tears spilled from my eyes. I saw his stare waver for a moment and sorrow flicked over his eyes. But only for a moment. He reaches inside his boot and pulls out a dagger.

I know that dagger is meant for me. I know it never fails to hit its target. Knowing this makes a fresh wave of tears burst through my eyelids. I know he doesn't want to do it. I know he doesn't enjoy the killing. I also know it's his job. He's a hitman and in his world it's kill or get killed. But knowing doesn't help the fear creeping inside me.

"Tyler," I try, "Please let me go. I won't get in your way... You'll never see me I promise," My voice breaks but I continue, "Just please let me leave." I beg crying again.

"I'm sorry." Is all he says before taking aim. He bends his arm back while I watch in horror frozen by my fear. He hesitates for a second. Then lets the dagger soar through the air. It tears through my flesh and embeds itself in my heart. As I fall to the ground I hear footsteps rushing toward me. Tyler crouches down next to me with a horror struck face. Memories of us, of what we used to be flow into my mind as I slowly lose my consciousness. My last thought was how foolish I was to think we could ever be together.

Tyler, recovering from the shock of throwing the dagger at me, slowly pulls out the murder weapon, trying not to put me in anymore pain. I inhale sharpley which causes him to stop. The last thing I see is a tear trickle down his cheek. Then I am engulfed by darkness.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed, feedback is appreciated! ;)

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28 Jan, 2021
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2 mins
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