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How Could You?

How Could You?

By sorrynotsorry - 1 Review

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She had SO MUCH hope in her eyes and love in her heart. She had everything she could have asked for. A loving family. This girl lived with her grandma, grandpa, her mom, and her 2 aunts. Not necessarily normal, but she didn't care. But her mom left her real dad before she was born. That's ok, since he was a drug addict who got arrested a lot. Anyways, her mom went through boyfriend after boyfriend. Once, the little girl almost moved to Australia! Then her mom met him. He was the one. He was nice, and caring, and spoiled the little girl. She was 9 years old. Keep that in mind.

Once 6th grade came for the little girl, her mother and her bought a new place and moved in with him. She was sad she didn't live with her family anymore, but she visited often for they did not live that far. This made the girl happy. But alas, school was hard. New people, new classes. She couldn't cope. So she started to swear. So much to where everyday she would be in a detention, or suspended. He started to get a little less nice every day. She started to notice more and more how things have changed. Oh, she was only 11 years old! His mother was kind and spoiled her just like he had. She loved his mother! 6th grade ended. Summer began. Her parents (dating) had her move out and into his mother's house farther away from where she lived already. They were living there temporairily so they could sell their old place. That was fine with the girl.

7th grade came. She changed. She didn't get in trouble once. She still got straight A's and the occasional B. She won awards for how good and smart she was. This was just to distract her from the hell she dealt with at home. He yelled a lot. His mother turned into an evil hag. (understatement) She rarely saw her family anymore. Depression came. Anxiety came. That little girl with all of that hope started to fade. But only a little bit. She was only 12 years old. How hard could it get? In school, she met the love of her life. He even liked her back. They were together for the entire second half of the year. Until she moved. Her best friend had him break up with her just so she could go out with him. Their 6 month relationship was over just like that. She was heartbroken....

Finally they moved out of that god awful house and into a new one, just the 3 of them. Her dogs were happy, she was happy, her mom was happy, and he was happy. Only it didn't last long. Every day he would yell at her, scream at her. He said he didn't hate her but the girl knew that the opposite was true. School was her escape. Then even that was ruined. Her hope was completely gone. Her heart was in so many different akward pieces. What love could possibly be left? She lived closer to her family but still never saw them, still was barely in touch with them. He was her stepdad. But thank god her mom hasn├Ąt married him yet. Thank god they aren't engaged yet. Slowly but surely things got back together. Then they were quickly shattered again and again. Depression was horrible. Anxiety made it worse. Who knew the girl would have this happen to her. She was only 13.

Fast forward to the present. He still hates her. He still yells at her. She wants to die but won't. She fakes the smile that used to brighten people's days. She lies all the time whenever someone asks her if she's fine. Her family is the only reason why she doesn't cut and isn't completely gone. She still has a place in her taped together heart for him. He will never come back to her. All of her old friends don't care anymore. Her new ones are slowly drifting from her. Who knew the girl would have this happen to her. She is still 13. She is still me.

Author Notes: ~~STAY STRONG. ALL OF YOU!!!!

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13 Nov, 2016
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3 mins
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