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How It Feels
How It Feels

How It Feels

Turtle77Maya Hughes

How it feels to be all alone

Like your entire existence is a mistake

Every bone in your body will slowly break

The only thing in your ears is just a crack

A crack that you shouldn’t be able to feel anymore

Maybe, you have gotten used to the pain

Tears will fall and won’t stop till you run dry

And as the pounding in your head begins

You try and try

But will it ever be enough?

Every ounce of effort only leads to more suffering

Every eye, every face, every whisper

Is just a reassurance of your insignificance

Now you are invisible, but worse, an outcast

Although you are never chosen last...

You are not chosen at all!

Life is just a continuous fall

Now you just can’t wait to hit the ground

The impact rushing through every inch of you

Then will you finally be happy?

Author Notes: Thanks for reading!! <3

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About The Author
Maya Hughes
About This Story
15 Feb, 2019
Read Time
<1 min
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