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How Much Do You Love Your Mother?
How Much Do You Love Your Mother?

How Much Do You Love Your Mother?

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I sit and watch the sunset on the hill of our farm. It's not a big farm no animals or crops we just live ona big area of land and our house looks like a barn. I don't have many friends since im home school it's just me and my mom. With that thought I could hear my mom calling for me. I stood up and headed down the hill twoards the house where I saw my mom. She looked strange, she looked frantic and worried. I ran towards the house seeing her like that.

"Mom! Whats wrong" I say when I finally reached the house out of breath.
"Lisa! There you are I was looking for you!" Mom sounded frantic and as if something terrible has happened.
"Honey.." Mom said "You love me right..?"
"Of course I do! Why wouldn't I mom?" I said worried as why she would even ask that.
"And you would do anything for me..?" Mom asked cautiously.
"Of course I would Mom. What do you need?" I responded.
"I need help hiding something" She said her eyes looking right at mine staring, slightly smiling at me.
"Ok mom what do you need hidden" I responded kind of creeped out.

The next thing I knew she was leading me just to the outskirts of the farm. She didn't say anything just walked holding my hand as i followed closely behind her holding her hand as well. Then, I saw it. I noticed the bllod on her clothes and hands that I somehow missed before. I saw in the distance the red and the horror. All I could thin is what did she do? What happened? What caused it?

"Mom.." I said with a worried look on my face my voice shakey "W-what happened?"
She didn't reply she stayed quiet and kept leading me to the edge of the farm. I was scared, I didn't know what was going on, then she answered.

"I just need help cleaning this up." Mom said calmly "Your'e good at cleaning.. right?" Mom then asked.
"Y-yes" I answered. As we got closer the smell of blood got stronger.

When we got there I didn't question anymore, I didn't want to make her mad or what happened to this person might happen to me. I got on my knees rolled up my sleeves and started picking up the larger pieces of.. bone and placed them in a pre-dugged hole. Blood is easy to clean up, if my mom or I got hurt I was always the one to deal with the blood. I blended the blood into the dirt and picked up the pieces of clothing that were on the scene. I kept looking at my mother. She was just staring she looked like she was about to break down and cry. When i finshed cleaning I gave her a hug and said you don't have to tell my why or what happened just know i love you.

Author Notes: This is my first story I hope it's good!

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7 Dec, 2021
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2 mins
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