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How My Face Got Disfigured Follow Up to I Think Im Teaching a Monster
How My Face Got Disfigured Follow Up to I Think Im Teaching a Monster

How My Face Got Disfigured Follow Up to I Think Im Teaching a Monster


This is how my face got disfigured. My name is Jenny Baldwin i live in Coleridge Iowa I’m in my junior year of high school. I live with my father, mother and I had a younger brother named Dustin. I say had because he was murdered. In an arson supposedly but I know better.

I spoke to the survivors from the fire my brother died in at school. I was sick so I stayed home. Not just that homes of some of Dustin’s friends also went up in flames killing them as well. This all happened over the course of a few hours and spotted at every one of the scenes of the crimes was him Patrick woods. He did it. He killed my little brother.

Conveniently the day afterward he vanished. However, I didn’t give up I tracked everywhere nearby for his omens random fires not much to work with but I eventually found him. He had ran all the way to Des Moines I lied to my parents saying that me and a few friends were going on a road trip to clear my head. My parents bought it and I left the next day. But I swung by a small shop near the edge of town. Big Johnny’s hunting supplies.

I purchased a .22 lever action rifle, 9mm handgun, and a large knife. I got back in the car loaded my new tools and drove off to Des Moines. It took some time but with a little bit of searching, I found the warehouse he was staying in. An old abandoned steel mill seems fitting. A crazed arsonist living in a place where they used to heat and fire to melt and shape metal.

I found a back door however it was locked but i managed to break open the small padlock with a hammer. I went into the dark warehouse flashlight in one hand pistol in the other. I looked around the place it was dark somehow cold but also extremely hot. You could walk in the room freezing cold but take a few steps forward and you feel like you are burning alive. I heard some dragging sounds metal on metal around the mill.

I saw a shadow dash past me I quickly turned and pointed my gun. By the time I turned it was gone. Suddenly I heard a loud noise. Grinding, it was the machines they were activating the drums where the molten steel was carried and the conveyor belts started turning. I saw him walking around a turn and stared at me I pointed my gun and fired with a loud CRACK the bullet struck him in the chest. I fired 3 more times and 2 hit him in the stomach and one in the shoulder.

I didn’t stop when I ran out of handgun rounds and emptied rounds into him with the rifle I was screaming the entire time with nothing but pure rage. I shot until I was out of bullets. He was on the ground by the time I was done. But then he proceeded to glow orange as he stood back up and spat into his hand. I was horrified but I noticed something. He didn’t spit saliva he spat molten lead into his hand.

“That hurt you—-“ he was yelling until he was cut off by a sudden scream of pain

He stomped toward me with a loud CRASH. He walked in a slow rhythm his long legs swinging in front of him like trees swinging with a giant man on top. I drew my knife and ran in for the kill. I raised my knife and went to bring it down. But he quickly kicked me in the stomach and pushed me back. I took a few steps to try and balance myself but I quickly tripped and fell on my back.

He walked up to me and crouched down with a near pitiful expression. He picked up a nearby bar of steel. He held me down with one hand and with the other did something to this day that I can barely believe. The block it it melted in his hand until it was a glowing orange paste in his hand. He held his hand over my face and turned it sideways. Pouring this molten metal onto my face.

It burned to create a level of pain that is incomparable to anything I had ever felt before. I soon lost consciousness. When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed with my head wrapped in bandages. The nurse told me they found me after someone reported that they burned a woman's face with molten steel, gave them an address then hung up. She told me it was a miracle I was alive. But all I thought about was one thing. Why did he leave me alive?

He could have killed me but didn't. Why i still don't know. But one recent event just occurred that got me interested. Another string of arsons in des Moines all following Patricks MO

Author Notes: I'm going through the process of writing the 3rd and final tale in this series so ill leave this for you to enjoy while I'm gone

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3 Nov, 2019
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4 mins
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