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How NOT to miss an exam

How NOT to miss an exam

By whitley121

"Donovan! We need to go! Get off that game right now!" My boyfriend, Donovan. He is such a charmer. He's your average computer nerd; blonde hair and glasses. Still, I love him to pieces. This was an average day for us, playing computer games. Well at least, he does. Most of the time, I just sit there and watch or I'm usually entertaining myself. Not that I'm happy about it. So, anyway, we are meant to be on our way to an important exam but Donovan here would rather play computer games. That was typical of him.
"Don, I'm not going to tell you again!"
"Just five more minutes, babe."
Why does he always do this? If we don't leave now, we're going to be late.
So after a good twenty minutes of vigorous attempts to get him out the door, we leave. Finally. I was starting to think we would be late. Our bus arrives after ten minutes of waiting. Just before we step on, Donovan realises he's forgotten his wallet! What is wrong with this guy? So he has to run back to his house and grab it. By the time he gets back, we've missed two buses already.
"Don, are you stupid? Now we're going to be late!"
"I'm sorry babe. I didn't mean to leave it."
We're already half an hour late for our exam. I can't believe this.
"So what do we do now, Don?!" I ask looking very angry.
"Well now we have to wait."
Another twenty minutes pass by and another bus arrives. Well, at least we managed to get on a bus. However, it was very packed. I was barely able to breathe. I'm claustrophobic and being on a crowded bus like this scares me. An hour later and we've barely moved from the same stop. The traffic is so bad. I am going to kill Don. How could he be so ridiculous and forget his wallet? Surely that's the first thing you check for. This was going to be a very long journey. So while we were on the bus, we decided to play “I Spy.” It passed the time. "I spy with my little eye... Something beginning with T."
Don looked shocked as if I haven't guessed the answer already; for the fifth time.
"My turn. I spy with my little eye... Someth-"
"Ladies and gentlemen, due to the amount of traffic we are now changing destination."
The driver just announced that we have to change destinations. Could this day get any worse? I need to take this exam. It looks like the only possible option left is to walk to college.
"Don, we're getting off this bus!" I shout. "Let's go!"
We step off the bus and make our way to college. On the way, we encounter a bunch of robbers. I could tell they were robbers by the way they're dressed; balaclava masks and they were wearing all black. This is just what I need right now. One robber is holding a key between his fingers.
"Give us your money now!" Shouts one robber.
"Well here, you can have two pounds. That's all I have." Don replies.
Laughing at the situation made the robbers angry.
"Sorry for laughing but that is all we have between us."
They just took Don's two pounds and started to run away but Don called them back.
"Hey... Umm I need that to get home later. Would you mind giving it back?"
“Well, it’s only two pounds.” The robber wondered. “We’re taking it anyway! Every penny counts!”
Quickly, they run the other direction. While we were walking, I yelled loudly at Don.
"Do you know how angry I am with you right now?"
Don ignores me and we continue to walk up to college in silence.
"At least answer me! You made us late and now you're ignoring me!"
All of this shouting makes Don very agitated and he snaps back.
"Well if you said no to coming to my house then maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation!”
I decide to ignore what he said and walked ahead of him. When we arrive, we knock on the door only to find that we're not allowed into the exam. Luckily, another teacher let us do the exam in a separate room. The exam lasted for an hour. It was a very long hour. Students were walking past and we looked very stupid. They had already taken their exam whilst we looked like the laughing stock. Once we leave, I begin to take my frustration out on Don once again.
"How you could be so stupid? You could have jeopardised our chances of passing!"
"Sorry, I didn't think it mattered."

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22 Jan, 2013
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3 mins
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