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How They Met...

How They Met...


It was a chilly Sunday afternoon when she was invited out by her host mother to go out to the square for a walk. Normally she would have had declined the offer as she was kind of a loner, but on this particular day she felt an urge a strange force that led her to accept the invitation.

As they were approaching the square she spotted a man with long grey hair with beautiful smilling eyes looking at her outside the local supermarket and as she and her host mom got closer to the man he seemed to be very interested in her and the feeeling was mutual on her side. In an abrupt manner the host mom said that they should go into the supermarket to buy cheese.

As they entered the building the handsome silver fox opened the door for them and as they entered he followed in immedietely, it seemed they were heading on the same direction. As her host mom was odering the cheese on the counter he ordered his cheese to and with that an oportunity presented itself for him to start a conversation with. They talked for a while and she got to give him her name but she never got his because as soon as her host mom saw her taalking to a stranger she became very defensive and protective which led her to swirl the girl away very fast.

As they left the supermarket he to followed behind and with a simple secrettive wave they bid farewell to each other. That final gesture was imprinted in her mind and an unexplicable feeling of longing as they parted not knowing when, where or how she will meet him again. With a silent prayer she hoped it would be soon.

Months passsed and every day she hoped to see his face again. Everytime she went and left work she passed the street where they had their final glimpseof each other,hoping that she would catch a glimpse of him again. One day out of the blues her host sister and her girlfriend invited the girl for a night out at the club, instantly the girl felt the same feeling all too familiar to her like she was meant to accept the invitation. So she did.

They first went to a pizza place and after eating they decided to go and have a couple of drinks. When they entered the club the girl heard someone calling out her name. At first she though it was impossible as she was not a popular person to begin with, so she ignored. Again she heard her name and this time it was more than clear and the voice was behind her, when she turned there he was her silver fox with smilling eyes.....

Author Notes: If anybody likes the story and wants to see what happened please write back and give me your feedback. Cheers!

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About This Story
6 Jun, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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