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The Field

The Field

By JustNicoleValiukas

Last week, my four friends and I were at a night time barbeque at our two friend's cousin house.
Obviously, being sixteen, and being at a place where the adults condoned underage drinking, we were easily able to persuade one of them to buy us the juice, and with two bottles of Midori, a bottle of Bailey's, a four pack of triple strength lemon flavoured Smirnoff's and a large bottle of original Smirnoff vodka, we began playing drinking games, or just taking random shots.
You know the kind of games. Never Have I Ever, where the each person takes turns telling the other participants something that they have not done and whoever has done it has to take a shot. If nobody has done it, then the person saying the thing has to bottoms up instead. Inevitably, we resorted to drunk dares, which involved running naked through the field that was literally right next door to the cousin's house, on the outskirts of our small town, which nobody did. I know we're supposed to be teenagers, but I guess nobody was that drunk yet.
It was the perfect setting for some creepy ass shit to happen.
We all ended up taking a long walk through the field, which was lightly glowing with silvery white light from the full moon. We were talking loudly, I was telling everybody I loved them, and was letting my best friend lean on my shoulders, we were giggling stupidly and I remember turning back at some point to look at the house, freaking out when I saw it had disappeared. But it was just a tree blocking my view.
Either way, we had definitely walked further than I had thought.
We still didn't stop though, we were having way to much fun. Already planning to have an awesome Halloween party there because it was so eerie, and Halloween was still six months away. 
We rounded another tree, keeping to the fence line so we wouldn't get lost, which would have been easy because we had been drinking and it was a HUGE field.
That's when we came across "the scarecrow." I literally don't know what it was still. But I can remember being terrified as my gaze fell upon it. I was not expecting to see it there. My friends all froze beside me, clearly freaked too, and my gay guy friend clutched my hand. We were both terrified, I could tell the girls were, too.
We stared at it, me with my jaw hanging open, my kitted sweater barely keeping out the chilly air, for ages.
And then it moved. It was a subtle movement, a shift of the arm or leg, but that was all it took.
I thought it was the alcohol screwing with my head for a second, until I noticed my friend's expressions. Then it moved again.
I screamed.
Now, I don't want to talk myself up or anything, but I am a world class screamer. (wow that sounded dirty)
I mean to say, that when something really freaks me out, like spiders, or Jeepers Creepers hiding out in a secluded field. I shriek like I am being murdered, a classic horror movie trait I guess. I glanced over at my friend's faces, and I saw shock on their features, then they reacted.
We began to run.
I still don't know if it followed us or not, but when I was running, I thought my PE teacher would've been so damn proud of me. All I could hear was silence and the sound of five scared teenagers' breathing heavily as we SPRINTED I don't know how many hundred metres back to the house.
As we ran, my friend said the words that I still remember. It's only a couple of weeks ago, but man, what she said made me want to punch her. "We should have pretended we didn't see anything. We shouldn't have ran. It can smell our fear."
"Fuck you," I breathed. She asked me why and I said "I'm already scared enough."
Even though she slurred the words, they were enough to chill my blood.
When we reached the patio, the adults were looking worried, and asked us why we had screamed.
We explained the situation, and they laughed at us, just saying 'this is why teenagers shouldn't drink."
Nobody believed us, but we are all still certain that there was SOMETHING in that field.
Needless to say, I WILL NOT be going to that godforsaken Halloween party.
Fuck scarecrows and fuck that field.


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About This Story
10 May, 2014
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3 mins
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