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How to Know if You Love Someone

How to Know if You Love Someone

By Breanna Bodden

you love someone if you think about them all the time. if you love the way they act and dress. if you compromise and do things for them you would not do for others. you love somebody if when you look at them, you see beauty in the purest form. AND you love someone if you can sit through a stupid movie and bonus features for THREE HOURS!! you do that and you love them. If you love them you will do anything. you think with your heart not your mind. but i have realized that love is even more than is when you look in their eyes you see things that others would overlook. the sparkle they get when they laugh, the coldness when they feel wounded, and the sadness when they are in pain. love however is not for the tender hearted, for people hardly ever get it right for the first time. but when you find who you love you know it. your heart flys away and you never look back.

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About The Author
Breanna Bodden
About This Story
All Audiences
24 Oct, 2014
Comedy, Romance
Inspirational, Feel-Good

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