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How Was School 27
How Was School 27

How Was School 27


Justin arrives at the prom and waits for Casie to come down the steps. She was the very last one to come down the steps, out of all 65 girls that chose to come to the prom. So Justin got a table for them when they were going to take a break from dancing. After he got the table then he went back to the steps to wait for her.

"Here comes Casie in her beautiful outfit and of course we saved the best for last she looks stunning," said the announcer

Justin looks up at her, his eyes widened and she puts on a big smile on her face. Justin wanted to cry for how beautiful she was. She reached the bottom of the stairs and she grabbed his hand slowly and put his other hand around her waist then she put her other hand on his shoulder. She taught him how to dance and they had a great time

"Casie I thought you can't dance"

"I know how I just don't like to"

"Ohhhh ok well you look beautiful tonight"

"Thank you, Justin, you look handsome tonight"

"Thank you"

"Your welcome"

They continued to dance and they saw their friends from their old school come in and they brought balloons and flowers even chocolates for Casie and Justin. They all started a group hug around Casie and Justin. After the group hug, they all found dates and they all danced together. After 3 songs they announced prom queen and king.

"We have all votes in and counted for prom queen and queen. Prom queen is.........Casie, prom king is.........Justin. They went on the DJ stand and said their announcement and Casie played a song she made on the DJ stand she had a rap and a slow song everyone shouted and cheered to Casie. Justin made a surprise for Casie and he asked her to come with him to see it.

"Okay Casie so I have a surprise for you and I need you to cover your eyes and I'll guide you outside for your surprise it may take a bit to walk to it but it's ok"

"Okay, I will cover my eyes.....after I say one last thing on the stage."


"My fellow friends that came all the way here to see me and Justin I thank you so much and I loved the gifts. You all mean the world to me and I could not have done it without you all soooo.........I bought a mansion for you guys to stay here each room has a bathroom and there are two kitchens and there are three living rooms and two dining rooms and there is also amazing furniture in there and I hope you all enjoy it here! I can't wait to see you guys here every day and any parents of yours are allowed to live there too. I can't wait to see you guys every day I have missed you guys forever. Enjoy it here in Washington. Have a great night."

"Go Casie!!!" the crowd yells.

Casie walks off the stage and goes back to Justin and closes her eyes. Justin grabs her hand gently and pulls her with him to where they were going when they got to the spot he let go of her and added a few more details then he said she can look. Her eyes widened. To see that they were by the Hollywood sign and you could see the city. Because it was dark you could see the beautiful town lights. After a while Justin asked if Casie would date him she said yes and they cuddled while watching down at the city.

Author Notes: Thank You! This is the last chapter of this book.

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1 Feb, 2018
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3 mins
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