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How Was School Chapter 17
How Was School Chapter 17
This story has some quality issues

How Was School Chapter 17


Casie sits back down so Sadie will leave. Sadie walks off and Justin turns to look at Casie and he gave her a smirk. She smiled and waved at him. He waved back to Casie and turned back around. Later that day school was over and Casie walked out of school waiting on Justin. She waited thirty minutes and he never came. She walked home by herself and said "He will not do this to me. Will he just ditch me?" Casie gets home and see's Justin upstairs looking down at Casie giving her a big smile to let her know he was sorry but Casie left a serious face and he stopped smiling at Casie as she looked into the living room to find her mom on the couch before Casie walked away Justin said sorry she didn't bother to look at him. She walked into the living room and asked her mom to go upstairs with her because she wanted to talk about what was going on her mom looked at her and slowly replied okay. The walk up the stairs into Casie's room and Casie shuts her door so people can't hear her. She told her mom what happened at school and what he did instead of walking home with Casie. Justin put his ear up to the door and heard every word she said.

"Mom I like Justin a lot but right now I'm having mixed feelings because he already ditched me and we just started school. I don't know what to do or what to say. He only looked at me once today. I am already not liking school."

"Just tell him what you think don't be afraid to tell him anything and I'm sure he will learn soon about what he is doing right now"

"Thanks, mom, I love you"

"I love you too. But now it's time to get in the shower eat brush your teeth and get ready for bed"

"Okay mom"

Casie's mom walks out of the room but Justin ran to his room so he wouldn't get caught listening. Casie got in the shower got done got dressed and ate dinner with everyone. She did not bother to look at Justin. Casie's mom tapped her on the leg so Casie would say something to Justin but she did not dare say a word or make any contact with him. Until.....Casie stood up looked at him with a mean look and said: "Why did you ditch me for girls you hardly know!?" She yelled across the table.

"Casie!" her mom yells "Come with me right now!"

"Yes ma'am"

Casie and her mom walks out of the dining room and her mom say's "Why did you do that you could have asked politely?"

Author Notes: want to keep reading then check out chapter 18


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17 Nov, 2017
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2 mins
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