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How Was School Chapter 20
How Was School Chapter 20

How Was School Chapter 20


Casie stopped crying and let Justin cover her eyes but then he sat her in the car then put a blindfold over her face so she could not see. Justin drove all the way back to the place the first met which was at the school when he ran into her in the hall. He stood her in the school hall and he said he will be back and he got in his running position to replay where they first met. He wanted to replay the whole part of where they met and started being friends. Justin tells her to take the blindfold off and he ran down the hall and bumped right into her like he did the first day when he told her I'll take you to your first class, they laughed and walked back outside to the car then went back to where they live now and he covered her eyes with the blindfold again and he found nice light blue water, a spot for the perfect picnic and he had the perfect setup for her he knows she will definitely cry. He sat her down on the blanket and told her to take the blindfold off as she did, she got tears in her eyes, looked at Justin and stood up and hugged him tight he hugged her back and she whispered in his ear "thank you". "I feel like I've been telling you what to do and I'm done doing it so if you want to ditch me for those girls then go ahead. I'm not going to take control of your life."

"Casie is staying right by your side and help you out when you need it. And I'm sorry too, another thing don't ditch me either please I know how it feels to be ditched."

"I won't ditch you"

"Good, I won't ditch you either"

"Let's eat!"


They eat and when they are done Justin picks the stuff up and puts it in the car, he then turns on the car and plays slow music and turns his headlights on grabs Casie's arm pulls her over to him slowly and he grabs her side and hooks hands and they start to dance Casie rests her head in his chest as they dance and Justin looks down at Casie and hugs her tight. Casie looks up and hugs him back tightly. Casie lets go and walks to the car and texts her mom saying they won't be back home until tomorrow and her mom replied okay just be safe and careful. Casie put her phone away and she grabbed the sleeping bag and lay it on the ground, she started a fire and then Justin shut off the car and they got into the sleeping bag and they looked at the stars and connected them. A little after they fell asleep and when they woke up the next morning they started the car and put everything up in the car and headed home.

Author Notes: Want more read Chapter 21

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5 Dec, 2017
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