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How Was School Chapter 22
How Was School Chapter 22

How Was School Chapter 22


The parents told them it was okay but they need to be careful when things like that happen. Justin and Casie had stood up and walked into the kitchen and started to make something to eat.

"So.... The school was fun" Justin said in sarcasm

"Yea..........." Casie said in sarcasm

"Are you ok Casie? He did slap you pretty hard"

"Yeah I'm ok, are you? because he got a good punch at your eye"

"Yeah I'm good"

"Okay then how about we walk the dog's because we haven't been taking them to school or anything lately"

"Yeah I think it's time we stay with them for now on so they can guard us against that next time"

"Yeah so let's go walk them and do some more training with them"

"Max, Jade, and Jack let's go my puppies"

"Even though they aren't puppies anymore"

"Ohh be quiet Justin"

They started to laugh but as they were all three dog's jumped onto Casie and Justin and started to lick them.

"Hey guys sorry we haven't paid much attention to you guys its just we have been busy lately but for now on we are taking you guys with us but Jade you always go on walk and stuff because your with mama so you get all the attention so you will stay with mama when they stay with us to go to school. But we are taking you all on a walk to go get your leashes so I can put them on you guys."

The dog's grab their leashes and Justin and Casie put it on them and they tell the parents they have the dogs and will be back later. So the parents told them ok and they walked out the door.

"Ok let's go to the dog park"

"Okay lead the way, Casie"

"I will"

They laugh, they also then realise when they got to the dog park was that the girls and guys from their new school were all at the dog park and so they turned around and went to walk away but then one of the girls said no they turn to see all of them standing there looking at them they told the dogs to get in their line and when Justin whistled so the dogs knew what to do then another 7 dogs came and did what their dogs did to help protect Justin and Casie. They looked at the dogs and they looked at them then they all looked at the kids again and the dogs all barked and howled once and called another 10 dogs over to help and now they definitely had a pack now they all looked at Justin and Casie then looked back at the kids they were going to fight.

Author Notes: Make sure to read the next chapter 23!

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12 Dec, 2017
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